Friday, October 16, 2009

My Dream Home and I'm Sick again :(

WARNING: Very Long Post

I'm Sick again :( bummer.
At least a little better than some family members that have been sick for weeks. Poor blond Princess (AKA Goddaughter) has a Sinus infection.
So I figure I post about my Dream Home and what I would like to have in it. When I had the home in the good-old-Garden-State the house had a lot of space and I had so many plans on how to change it to my taste: European Country kitchen, Fire pit, French doors, etc. But since I no longer have it now I can dream even in a bigger scale for OUR next home!!!
{Please note these pictures I've been collecting for a long time. Most of the time I have no clue where they came from, sometimes I just googled "Farm Sink Pictures" and this is what I got}

Look at this beauty!!!!~ love the columns on the front.

Below Dream Home from HGTV 2009, now this is what I call a porch!!! beautifully done:

Again another one with a porch, Hubs and I agree we would love to have one and have some rocking chairs in there:

And one more, so you get the Idea: Porch = good!

Now, I would love a basement that I can transform into a cozy family room with one wall (or corner) for my scrapbooks. but if we can have this in there I'll be golden (HGTV Dream Home 2004):
It probably wont be red (nothing against the color) but I love everything about this room.
Now a sample of a bedroom I like (HGTV Dream Home 04):

We have a beautiful dark wood bedroom set that I love, I just need to find a Iron bed and will be set. I know this headboard is not metal, I just like the whole color scheme going on. Now onto a what I called a dream of a laundry room (HGTV DH 2009)

Also love this one from Sausy's Sprinkles that lady has taste:

or Trifty Decor Chic's she is amazingly creative.

Now, if you didn't guess it my favorite HGTV Dream Home was 2004. It is the one that I can see ourselves living in. Absolutely gorgeous. So here is the dinning room and the family room from that house:

I love spaces that feel like you can kick up your heels and relax. That chair next to the TV armoire is what we called "Silla de Guano" in the homeland and I would love to find one here.

Now I'm going to bored you to death with pictures of my dream kitchen. Up to Hubs and I got together I never EVER enjoyed cooking. Did I said ever? ever, ever, ever. growing up I loved to clean and my younger Sis loved the kitchen. The only thing I liked making was desserts. I just hated the though of HAVING to make a meal. UGH. But then hunky hubs told me I didn't have to cook if I didn't want to. I know it's stupid but suddenly knowing that I don't have to cook if I don't want to made it a lot more fun for me. I started to learn the things I like to eat (Mexican food here I come!) and right now I have to say I enjoy making a nice meal. So after working as a Design Consultant (oh- yeah, I forgot to tell you I major in Interior Design in college) gave me so many ideas of what I wanted in a kitchen and what style I liked.

I discover that I want white distressed cabinets. Back home we use dark woods always. But I like the french or European Kitchen styles and I think that white cabinets look better. here is a few examples:

Love all of these. I also want a Farm sink:

Now look at this beauty below, It's called an AGA cooker and it's from England. As a design Consultant the Co. I was working for was one of the major retailers of its products. We even had a working kitchen designed around it where someone will make demo's with it. Its stays on 24/7 {no knobs} and each oven its set a different temperatures with 2 hot plates on top. A dream I tell you (Oh and it comes in all sorts of yummy colors including purple!)

And finally I want a nice tub in our bathroom. Here are some images I'm currently in love:

The image above? Yeah~ that's fabric on the walls! LOve! (this is from RMS)

Above another RMS from HGTV.
Above HGTV 04, below HGTV 09 (which BTW I only like the tub, that's too fancy for me.

I hope I have inspired you for your Dream Home, or perhaps you already live in it :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Happy Pink Saturday!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

What beautiful inspiration pictures! I enjoyed seeing all of them. Hope you are feeling better. laurie

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Sorry you are not feeling well and Im so sorry to hear about your Aunt. I will keep you in my prayers~ Susie

Saucy said...

I think you and I have such similar taste... thanks for posting my laundry space, I'm flattered!

I had a farmhouse sink at our last house. I'm torn as to whether I miss it or not. I was always worried about chipping it and it was hard to keep just pristinely clean as I like it. Don't know if I'd do it again but I might go with a vintage one... if it was already distressed surely I'd be less stressed!

Hope you're feeling better.