Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To the Rennaisance and back!

OK, so here is a little bit of what we did this weekend. My in laws came over from good-old-NYC
on Saturday and since this was their first time visiting us here we showed them the town, the new homes being built, the park, etc. Then of course SHOPPING! we headed to the mall just to wonder around and see what specials/deals they have (turn out a lot!!!). We wondered around mostly cause my FIL decided to go AWOL on us and we tried to find him. Finally time to eat and we treated ourselves to Mexican, the hubs and I are HUGE fans but turns out my MIL has never been to a Mexican Restaurant, who knew? Thankfully everyone enjoyed their meal and by the time we got home we where exhausted and just hit the bed.

Sunday was great. I love-love-love the Renaissance Fair!!! My friend had already gotten us tickets to go for my Birthday and this is something my in laws don't see very often {and by that I mean NEVER}. It was great, lots of people dressed up, lots of food, music, shows, shops, food, artisans, food, jousting, etc. (see a pattern here?). Here are some of the shoots I got there:

I love, love, love this guy costume!

A look around...

Interesting picture, I know...those are some skinny jeans my friend!

I was following the Zorro, can you spot him?


We found Gandolf!

Oh, and I found this little fellow lying on a hammock so i just had to take him home!!!

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niartist said...

Nina thanks so much for your super wonderful and kind words about my home, I have learned that people feeling at home is a much nicer compliment than "WOW!" LOL! Looks like you had fun at the Rennaisance Fair. Great pics! See you soon!