Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lets make a SNIFFLE song!

Oh God Almighty!
Is everyone and their mother sick?
Seriously, I feel everywhere I turn there are sick people. Hubs said that you should see
the faces when someone sneeze/coughs on the train- he said is quite funny since everyone
has that panic.oh.dear.lord.don' face!

Not that I don't think is serious, but we come from a place that just "deals" with stuff. I believe if you are gonna get it, you are gonna get it no matter what you do. Dear B-I-L is probably the healthiest guy I know: eats green like is going out of style, low fat, low sugar, wheat stuff: all the stuff I don't/wont eat. It just seems he's been sick for MONTHS now. Gets sick, recups for a few days, and sick again. UGH.

Yesterday they called me from the daycare 'cause the little guy was crying a lot and not wanting his bottle or sleep; so I left work early to get him and by the time I got there he was sleeping. Don't they recognize a fuzzy baby? Either way, since he has been congested and was diagnose with Croup last week I decided to have the Doctor take a look at him (I guess all the panic around me is rubbing on) and of course he is fine and just has a little cold. Can I tell you the waiting area in the office looked like the E.R? JAMMED PACKED!

I guess I should not complaint about it, at least people are trying to prevent this from going around even more. Even our office is full of Lysol, purell and Clorox (oh, and did I mention BIG Boss ordered Masks?-yeap, he did).
On that note, hubs has a cough, so does my Sister, her Baby, her husband, my little guy and of course: ME! (I don't feel sick though)

So let us get together and cough in unison!
Hope we all get better soon.

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Rachel said...

This sickness is EVERYWHERE!! I was sick for 2 1/2 weeks but I stayed home on my couch while my 2 & 5 year old ran the house all day. Hope your little guy gets better. It's the pits when the babies get sick.