Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crush, and not the Orange Kind

My hubs and I have a list of our celebrity crushes. If you ever watch Friends you know that Ross and Rachel had one too. Apparently you are allow one indiscretion if its with someone on your list.

Ha!- Okaaaaaay!! (in true Monica voice) I'm game :)

Now, I never like pretty boys, or what I consider Pretty boys: Brad Pitt, Tom cruise, etc. I like men that look like, So here are my celebrity crushes:

#5: I completely forgot who my number five was so instead I'm putting you here, well, 'cause you should be on this list- Hugh Jackman

#4 LL Cool J (YES-that's right) I could wash my laundry in that stomach!

#3 The Oh-so-kill-me-with-that-smile Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

#2. I like him even before he became so popular, when he did "Dracula 2000"
Gerard Buttler

Who could see "P.S. I love you" and not fall in love with Gerard?

And my NUMBER ONE CRUSH, I'm infatuated with this man. When he walks, he sway his hips. Oh, so dreamy Keanu Reeves (if you look up his Biography you'll learn how strong this man is) Love, love, love him

Honorable mentions:
Mr. Sean Connery- he is timeless and sexy!

My favorite Artist after MJ. If you see him in concert you know why.

Anthony Hopkins...OK, I know he is also older but again he is DIVINE!

And also this guy: "The Vin"

Oh wait, I'm married to him :)

In other news, Dear hubs and I spent a very quite Thanksgiving day. We bought our Dinner instead of cooking for just the two of us (I soooooo wanted to make Chicken Quesadillas though). We took some pictures with little guy since after all it was his first Thanksgiving. I have to say I'm not much into it since back home we don't celebrate this day. Never the less, it feels weird not to be home this time of year. Feels weird not to be pulling the Christmas Decor and cleaning up, and having to chase Pearl so she doesn't keep swatting at the decorations- only to find she has fallen sleep under the tree. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is going to be a very different time for us.
Hope your Holiday was a great one!
Over & Out :)
My hubs crushes (in case you are wondering) is very simple I think. He loves Sarah Michelle Gellar (yeah, Buffy), Reese Witherspoon, Megan Fox (he is a man after all) Kim Kardashian and Anna Kounikova-Maria Sharapova(Tie)


Anonymous said...

Awesome, LOL! I have a thing for Jude Law. Why? Because of his accent. For this reason I also crush on Simon Cowell, and Hugh Laurie. Hugh Jackman is very hot, and Johnny Depp all dirty and piratey is not too bad either. (Savvy?) One that cannot be left out is Edward Norton as in the bod from "American History X". SWOON! I've always had a small crush on David Letterman, and eventually developed one for Conan O' Brien for similar reasons. Love a man that can make me laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

OH! FOrgot what I came to post, lol. Apothecary jars. Ugh. I saw a set of 3 at TJ Maxx one day and passed them up. I think it was like $19.99 for the set and they were quite large. Since then I've not been able to find ONE decent one for under $20. KICKING MYSELF!!!! Last night I substituted a glass lidded canister and a few tall cylinder style glass vases filled with candy. But I MUST get some apothecary jars cause that is just so "IN" right now. :) Thanks for the tip! It always helps when "fresh eyes" look at my space.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Oh Rock, how do I love the - let me count the ways. I adore Dwayne Johnson, always have. He's funny and sweet and tough all in one!