Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear A

Dear A,
As I was typing away yesterday during our little IM conversation and browsing thru your school pictures it finally hit me (and it hit me hard): I've missed it!
You are completely grown and I missed it.
I miss you growing up and becoming the wonderful, caring, smart young man that you are. I made a decision to what I though was better for us and the price was much higher than I anticipated.
I missed you having the chickenpox.
I missed you shaving for the first time.
I missed your first day of high school.

Believe me, I know that God knows better than I do what plans lay ahead and whats indeed good for us. I know that this was meant to be 'cause you are probably Dad's best friend. I know you have a great life and I am so very proud of you.You have a great sense of humor and have great empathy towards others. You are so caring towards small children and my heart melted when you told me you were considering being a Pediatrician 'cause you wanna help kids.

You are sweet and respectful (despite what "someone" says) You are a grateful young Man with an uncanny love for God. I don't remember any 17yr old in our family that prays like you do.
I love that you still think I'm cool and can talk to me pretty much about anything; which is a great thing since I grew up with you. There's less than 17 yrs between us my boy- and I feel of the both of us you are the mature one.
I love that we have the same taste in music, movies and books. I love that I have pictures to prove you wanted to be a Backstreet Boy when you where younger (HAHAHA- nope, I'm not letting that one go and I can't wait to show your girlfriend!).

I just wished I witness the beautiful process that got you here. Granted, I was with you until you where almost 7 but the other years...those precious little things that make you YOU are not coming back. This is your final High School year and it seems like you are really enjoying it and having a blast while learning. I am happy for you. I want you to enjoy it.

Just wanted to say Kid that it's a true honor to be your Mom, I am blessed beyond words and so very proud of who you are.

I love you more than Paris Loves attention, te quiero de gratis (I love you for free)


Anonymous said...

What a touching post! It seems that for all you may have "missed" you know him so well - really know him. His heart, his soul, his deepest wants and desires... I've always felt that becoming parent introduces us to the ultimate lessons in sacrifice. Whether it's sharing our fave secret stashes of snacks that the kids come down just in time to find us eating, or sacrificing our sleep, our time, our wants, our needs, sometimes, even our peace of mind, we sacrifice and put ourselves in the back of the line, in order to do right by our kids. It sounds as though you made enormous sacrifices, but isn't it so worth it to see the very rewarding results? God bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Right now for me, it's not so much the why (tho, i'm sure that's coming soon...) it's the "mommymommymommymommymommymommy" and then when i finally say "WHAT?!?!?" I get "ne'ermine". AUGH! Drives me BATTY!