Friday, November 6, 2009

A Conversation and coffee

I'm dead tired. Little man had his 6 months shots yesterday and had a really difficult night. I don't remember the last time I slept 6 hours straight...must've been before I got pregnant. Oh well, since I am so pooped I am going today with a little conversation between me and the hubs:
we are out and about; Hubs goes to bathroom.

Me: Did you wash your hands?

Hubs: yeah, why?

Me:whatdayamean why? 'cause there's the flu and H1N1 around and we have an infant.
I have Purell on the bag if you need some.

hubs: I did wash them, Geeezzz.

me: Ok, just checking.

a moment passes

hubs: uhmmmmmmm

me: what?

hubs: maybe I should use the Purell just in case...

me: I though you say you wash them...

hubs: yes, but people touch the faucet and the door handle and this, this and that... just give
me some

me: anha!!!

Yes, hon...let's just say you DID wash them.
In other news: this is a little view of how I intend to survive today.

If you could marry a hot beverage, this would be it: Hot Caramel Latte.

Since I'm addicted to coffee.can''ll.get.a.headache I can tell you I've tried many, many different kinds of this delectable treat.

Yeah, Starbucks is good, but I don't really feel like paying $5 for a coffee and have a punk teenager look at me weird when I don't say: soy latte, skim milk, no foam, Chi something. I like WaWa's coffee (unbelievable enough the Hazelnut one) and I will gulp a few cups at any dinner or Denni's or IHOP or Friendly's around. Panera Bread has very decent coffee as well.

I am also the proud owner of a Tassimo Machine, you know, one of those individual machines that can make tea, hot cocoa, cappuccinos, lattes, etc. It's so worth it and HIGHLY recommend it.

And still I think I like this beverage from DD better. uhm...maybe I should go around and taste every coffee in a 20 mile radius and compared them...maybe the hubs will tie me down when I am all hyper like last night that I ask him to chase me around the house if he wanted to know where the chocolates where...uhm..decisions, decisions.

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