Saturday, September 18, 2010

The lamp, the toilet and the cleaning lady

I love to read. I always had. I remember in my younger years sitting in the rocking chair on the balcony, looking out to the street immersing myself in a good old book. Then I remember me crying because someone had interrupted me to do some ordinary and mundane task the required me to step away from "The Lady of the Camellias"...that Alexander Dumas knew how to write a book or two.

I always had time to read. I took books with me, read in bed, maybe at lunch time.

When I has getting ready to have the little guy I said to my Sister that I couldn't wait to be home so I could relax and read. She laughed. Being a recent mother herself she said I was not going to have any time. Well, she was right. I guess I've forgotten how much time consuming a baby could be. At the time I was reading "Four Blind Mice" by James Patterson...the kid is now 16 months and I have not finish the book. You would think that I could read when he naps or watches TV but I always always find something to do, like laundry, closet organizing, cooking, etc.

In comes the toilet.

As any mother will know, bathroom time is precious, is golden, and sometimes even a miracle. I've been knows to be washing and blow drying my hair at 11:00pm for lack of time. Lately I had a moment of Serendipity~ I've discover that my bathroom time could also be my reading time! Turns out that I could leave the kid with the hubs to go take a shower; bring a book with me and sit in the bathroom for 20 minutes of uninterrupted reading time before I jump in the shower. Pure Bliss.

It does not happen everyday, but now I know now where I can find extra time for me: in the throne! :)

And now that I'm in the subject of toilets I can talk about the "cleaning lady".

I have said previously that the smell of AJAX and Clorox is intoxicating to me (not like: the fumes are, but like ahhhhhh, that's smells clean type of deal). I like a clean organized home. I like coming home and smelling a clean scent. So I was more than thrilled when one of my favorite blogs had a giveaway of cleaning products. It was sponsored by another blogger that sells these Shaklee "environmentally-friendly" cleaning products and we where to contact her if we won- 10 winners to be exact. Well I was one of the "lucky ones". So I email said lady - a very popular blogger BTW- and asked her what I need it to do to received my prize.

And nothing happen. No reply at all. So I posted a comment on her blog. Nothing again. Email her one more time. Nothing. Now, she keeps posting on he blog so I know she MUST read these messages at some point. After my 3rd email I felt like I was begging for a cleaning product, and who wants to feel that way? I do want to try the product so I may just buy it from the web, but NEVER from her. She underestimate the power of word of mouth. I could give praises to this product and recommend this to friends and family, but guess who is not going to be recommend or gain any sales from my part?
I was actually thinking of posting a link to her blog to see if she has any ovaries to respond to me(not the lady with the giveaway- she is a doll) but I figure is always best to take the high road. But SUCK.BIG.TIME. That's just bad manners. Oh, and now I don't even want it. She can shove it. Plus I would have promoted that sucker up like no body's business. Her loss, really.

And now, going my usually style {backwards} I'm on the hunt for some lamps for the bedroom. I am redoing our room sine my bed and comforter set is going to the older kid's room. I have search high and low looking for something affordable. The GW has not delivered, and even though I have found some nice choices at HomeGoods and Target I'm still not willing to spend $50+ on each lamp. Remember, I still need to get a new comforter set too. Then the Sis sent me this picture:

New Lamps for $9.99 @ Ollies? Yes, thank you. I may paint them...not sure yet. But I like the price. I'm going with a white, green and blue scheme so the silver will also work. Now on the hunt for drum shades!

Over & out

***Pictures taken on my way to pick the hubs. Yeah driving. I don't text and drive, but I will take a picture***


Struggler said...

You have the best titles...!
Sorry about your giveaway experience. I've had it the other way around: I've given away something and never received even the tiniest thank you, in 2 separate cases.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say hi! It's different! I likey! That is super sucky about the giveaway! I would be totally peeved! Anyhoo, wanted to send a quick note & let you know I had you on my mind. Check out my blog when you get a chance and let me know what you think of the new layout. TTYL!