Friday, September 3, 2010

how I discover that I'm lazy and I have no talent what so.ever.

First off: I know I'm supposed to do a post on "" and I will get to it as soon as I remember to download the pictures. Sometime watching makeup tutorials on youtube takes precedent. That and the "Jersey Shore" yeahhhh baby!

Anyways, the title of the post? yeah. Aparently I suck. I try to be creative, I do scrapbooks and cards and decorate for Birthday's and showers. I also worked for one of the top of the line Craft companies (that is currently doing Martha's supply that is available @ Michael's). I've also been schooled in Interior Design as well as worked as a Design Consultant.

All this means nothing. Squat actually. My house is not extraordinary and I didn't make a lamp out of a coffee pot (most of this due to finances and that my Tassimo coffee machine is my lover).
But a lot of friends and family think I have "some" talent, and naive me I believed them. That was until I found this blogger.

Seriously this woman can probably create a spaceship if she wanted to. I think she is probably related to McGyver some how, but she is cuter and way more feminine. How does she do it, beats me. I'm still trying to figure it out how to hang my curtains in between my days. Oh, but I love her home. Here is a few samples of her handy work:

I know she has been feature on blogs a lot more popular than my 14 followers blog (LOVE YOU MY PEEPS!) but right after Martha, she is my hero. (all photo credited to sawdustandpaperscraps)

Go visit her and tell her a crazy slighty psicotic woman sent you. And that she should adopt me. Just saying.

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AndreaLeigh said...

oh, home decor porn! love it! if only I had the money and time... I'd probably still do nothing to update my home. i'm full of ideas, not so much on the follow through.

Lauren @ with two cats said...

Such a pretty frame wall! I am thinking of doing something similar. Thanks for the inspiration!