Monday, September 20, 2010

Patricia £: Disappointing mothers since 1975

I know. I'm a trouble maker. I Rather be that than a bore.
So I'm a year older and the celebrations are still going. We are still getting together for a Bday dinner and family is coming over from the north in a few weeks. Turning 35 didn't hurt as I expected but seeing some of the pictures did. Don't get me wrong, I love my beautiful old self, but in some of the pics it looks like a maternity ward should be near me...yikes! I told the oldest kid who was possing as a photographer for the day:

me:"Oldest, why on earth didnt you tell me to hold my belly in?! I look awful."
Oldest: laughing "it's a camera not a magic drawing board...what do you want me to say? Hold the gut in ma' -you are looking fat?"

side view...

And then it hit me: no matter what pose I take, I am fat-actually obese if you follow those pesky guides. I did promise the Dr. to loose 30lbs. UGH. Anyone wants to sponsor a liposuction?

I have said before in front of the kid that I wanted to do better, so being the annoying know it all 18yr old he has challenge me to take a healthier living: no more coke, no more eating out (after my birthday celebration next weekend!), portion control-this one is actually easy, and no sweets...WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT...oh hecks nooooooooooo.
Stomping feet on ground, no, no, no, no!!!!!

So here I am doing my new year resolution on the anniversary of my birthday. After all, what better day to live a better life? I have an injured knee that is not getting better and the fact that I'm carrying the extra weight doesn't help much either. I get winded from walking a flight of stairs...I'm only 35 for Pete's sake!!! I should be better and I WILL do better. The plan is also to dance for now to get some cardio in and then buy a "Zumba" Dvd. This is not going to be a diet blog but I will post my progress here. I feel if I write about it I will have to own up to it. Would I succeed this time? I hope so.

more than half this cake is still on my fridge...and I wont eat it :(

what can I say? he wuws me!

the kid was: "c'mom look at the distance" and I'm "where in the distance?"
hecks, at least he would have something to say to his therapist.

-at the risk of braking a leg. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

Over & out
P.S I got my HUNTER BOOTS!!!!!!!


Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Hi, I found your blog from Susie Harris' Bienvenue. I was caught by this post and will read more now. I too struggle with my weight and have a bad knee. I've been trying to do better this past month, with some improvement but it is a struggle still. Wishing you lots of success and 'baby steps'.

You are a lovely young mother, extra weight or not. But it is good to feel physically better too.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

You look so cute! yay for the hunter boots...Im jealous!!!