Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life and a letter

Hard to believe that nothing super-ultra-mega-fantastic is happening to me right now. Other than the little guy being sick again (thanks Daycare and all the kids that drink from my kid's juice cup-I've seen you!) but if you remember {and I know you do because Helluuuu is me} I'm turning 35 for the first time this weekend!

You know how women always lie about their age, I never had because my oldest is 18 so how could I? As it is I get "the look"...you know, the one after the calculate my age minus the kid's age and realize I was doing the dirty way before I should have. Yeah, that look. But I figure 35 should be a good age to get stuck on, right? I mean my younger Sis, by a year may I add, has been 25 for ages.

I started to think about life, and how I ended where I am. I love my life. I didn't know at the time how the choices that I made where going to lead me here but now everything is falling into place letting me know all those things guide me. One different turn and I would not be where I am. Would I have loved the other life? Would I have been happy? I don't know and now I'm too content to care. I do have to say that lately I've been thinking about my younger stupid self and I wish I could write myself a letter à la back to the future:

Dear P,

How are you girly? I know, hating the world and life because seriously~how can it be that people don't realize you know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING? Well, sorry to tell ya', you are dead wrong, not about everything, but hey that's OK...you WILL eventually figure it out. (to prove is me I will tell you that you play spaceship on the laundry sink and Jordan Knight IS THE COOLEST)

I got to tell you, stop getting into fights. Seriously. I know you are trying to protect your sister and family but is so not cool. The same goes for that stupid t-shirt Willie brought you back...that is so NOT your color. And is there any chance you stop wearing 4 socks in different colors? and while you at it, toss the dog tag...keep the "Tiffany/Debbie Gibson Hat" you look dumb but there are some AWESOME memories of wearing that hat around town.

When you meet CM try to avoid him...actually never mind...You are going to meet your FIRST greatest love out of that one. Oh, and yeah your parents WONT kill you about being pregnant at 16; but do buy earplugs 'cause the Mom-ster will make your ears bleed. I'm sorry to say that your relationship with Dad will never ever be the same; be prepared.

That guy that you fell in love with? if it acts like a jerk, talks like a jerk and everyone is telling you he is a jerk...guess what? he is a jerk. Do not cut class for him, he doesn't deserve it. Do not help him with his depression-he is not worth it. Spent more time focusing on college and not meeting your friends outside the cafeteria. You are so smart and have so much potential, don't sell yourself short. Toss the fake friends, yeah they are popular but they don't bring anything good to your life. From 1994 to 1998 don't even bother dating. SERIOUSLY, don't even...

Why don't you try to get a photography class instead?
But enough of the dready parts. I want to tell you to enjoy yourself, to not worry so much. Everything will work out in the end. Life is beautiful, you are beautiful. Have fun, keep those close friends even closer. Learn to keep your moth shut. Read even more. Enjoy your school years, you are gonna miss them. Try to keep in touch with the nice people along the way. And yes, you will be disappointed by some but it is OK. You will learn from that also.

Oh and when Banessa suggest going to a concert...GO! you are gonna have a blast even though you are soooooo going to get in trouble :) Don't lend your silver necklace to Jeshenia!!! And guess what?! you actually end up liking nail polish on your toes.
Also, it is ok to make mistakes. They will make you a wonderful well rounded person. Make good choices. And no matter what road you take life will be wonderful and beautiful and surprising.

Life as it turns out is gonna be pretty great. Amazing actually.
So be happy younger self. Be yourself, don't ever loose your sense of humor. Remember that kindness does pay off. But if you get a chance to key M's car...do it! -I kid, I kid...sort of.
Over and Out
Fabulous me
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