Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 things I'm loving

There is so much that you learn and appreciated once you star focusing on you and your life instead of worrying about work and meeting deadlines. On this beautiful day, I do not miss working at all. Actually financial reasons why I will go back to the rat race. UGH.

These are a few things I'm loving lately (in no particular order):

10. Aiden has learn to give me over exaggerated kisses making MUAAAAA noises and wetting lips with tons of saliva...but I still love it.

9. all four of us dancing in the kitchen doing the Yo Gabba Gabba "wiggle, wiggle...hold still" moves

8. I had my very first Heath bar! why no one told me about this piece of heaven before?

7. Making new dishes like Chicken roll and old traditional ones (like this Sweet Plantain dish from the homeland)

6. and while we're at it my Tassimo Coffee maker (above)- fresh coffee all the time? Yes, thank you! Aiden Popsicles and laughing at how much he enjoys them (even though he stoled mine-that's why he has 2)

4. soaps from Fortune Cookie Soaps, they are so cute and smell fantastic! ( I'm using Boogeyman)3. China Glaze Holiday Nail polishes for a fraction of the cost (thanks loving Naughty and nice (dark purple) and Little drummer Boy (intense blue). I believe there are 12 colors total.

2. Great Customer Service @ Zappos! after getting my Hunter's boots and the welly socks for my Bday I realized the cream wellies made me look like all I needed was a red jacket to be working for Santa...not the look I was going for.

When I called them for an exchange they overnighted my charcoal one's even before I sent the cream one's!!! and you have one year to make returns, THEY ROCK!

1. conversations like this with Alain (oldest):
driving and listening to "Clocks" by Coldplay

me: when I hear this song it makes me day dream that I'm in a huge field, riding a horse,

A: whyyyyy?
me: I don't know, I have a wild imagination.

A: you are weird
me: I'll take that as a compliment


Over and Out

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Anonymous said...

O.M.G. I WANT THOSE SOAPS! Awesome!!!!!