Monday, November 1, 2010

The Discrepancy of life and changes

I think this may be a long post-again.
You know what is wrong with America? I'll tell you. We worship money. We put ourselves, our families and our religions last. We don't give family the value it should have. And you know what happens after? After you work for almost 4 years, transfer to a new location, get a new schedule, neglect family time, go to work even when you are sick because you want to be responsible, do what they ask of you and then more. And you know what happens at the end?
They let you go AND to put the cherry on the top have the cojones (excuse my french) to not want to pay your unemployment.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Now that I got that out of the way I feel much better. But don't you fear, Aquaman is near! I am a fighter and that's exactly what I'll do. Fair is fair.

Anyway, our plans for Halloween drastically change. We where supposed to hang with the hubs family for a reunion-Halloween bash-birthday party. Due to our current situation we opted for staying home. We had fun. We took the little Monster trick or treating, I watched the first two "Omen" movies with the big kiddo.

I've been also cooking a lot. I made Lasagna, a Taco Dip and a Chicken ring. Yumm, Yumm, and Yumm. I feel like Betty Crocker...and tomorrow is Quesadillas! :) who would have thought of me being so keen with the kitchen. I am more relax now days, feeling that maybe...just maybe my place may be right here, at home.

Another new thing going on I decided to have a little bit of a look change. This is me in the before...

Reeeeeally long-Pocahontas-like hair (bad lighting, I know)

Not terrible, but basically long and straight. It has been like that for a few years. About 3 years ago I cut it all up to donated it and then just grew it again. I didn't enjoy the short look since my hair needs help getting volume. This time I opted to cut 2 inches and have side bangs. This is the After:

Much better!
And the best part? it cost me about $20 plus tip :) and that's including the price of my new red hair dye. Ahhhh. I love mini makeovers. Now I try everyday to do some makeup looks so I can still feel human and feminine. Gotta love getting all done up to play in the playground.

Here is to all SAHM. To take a few moments for you, get a mani-pedi and feel pretty.


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

such a cute costume and love your hair!

Just Charming said...

That is the cutest three eyed monster I've ever seen! Sorry about being laid off, but it sounds like the office wasn't the most suitable environment for you... too much negative energy! I love your new do and your positive energy! keep it up girl!