Monday, November 8, 2010

Turns out I have morals- geez...thanks Ma'

I always thought of my self as a very open minded individual. I'm pro-choice, I have no problems with gays, I think as long as you don't hurt anyone you should do what you want with your life (except drugs, I am completely against them).

But turns out I have some morals in me from being raised Catholic. Lock the doors, hide the children, hell has frozen over. I am much in agreement with Chris Rock when he said no intelligent person is just one thing. Some things you are liberal, others you are more conservative. You can't be that closed minded not to hear the other side arguments.

So today, while we where driving, the hubs, big kid and I got into a discussion in regards to the news about gay people protesting the Pope in Spain. They decided it would be "cool" to wait for the Pope-mobile to pass by and then they start making out/kissing in front of him.

I sincerely think it was an act of disrespect and does not prove their point at all. So what? you making out in front of the Pope is going to make him say :"those two looked cute, maybe I should reconsider". He is the Pope, he is the head of the Catholic Church and therefore he WILL NEVER agree with Gay marriage. Neither will any other old fashion religion (Jewish, Protestant, Mormon, etc). Deal with it.

They already got the right to get married, the Pope has the right to his opinion and I feel that they tried to imposed their believes with those actions. They have the right to disagree.

I'm ok with Gay marriages, I had more than a few Gay friends but I do not agree with any Public display in front of a religious leader (whether you are are gay or straight). I am raising my kids to have a believe that there is something bigger than them, that God does exist. I am not a religions person but my faith to God is there. And yes I am pro-choice and in favor of the gays, etc. but I will not make out in front of The Pope, a priest, a monk, or the Dalai Lama. There are things that I think SHOULD not be done. There should be some boundaries.

I think we should go back to learn to respect elders and Religious leaders, we need to go back to praying in school (and hecks if you don't agree your kid does not have to participate) We have to learn to respect our Teachers, people of authority and not hide behind the curtain of freedom so we can insult people that don't agree with us. We have the right to disagree and your rights end where mine begin.

OK, I'm stepping down my soap box.

Over and Out


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I have to say, I agree. Making out in front of the POPE, of all people, is just in really poor taste and accomplishes nothing. Respect is going out of style and it's sad.

I also think that no one ever needs to force someone to agree with them. It's wrong.

Good post.

AndreaLeigh said...

in a similar vein...

i think the office of president deserves respect. it kills me to hear people bashing obama or bush. listen, you can agree or disagree with what they are doing but the title deserves respect.