Monday, May 16, 2011

Friend Making Monday's 5-16-11

It feels so good to be able to connect again. First I got affected with a stomach virus (thanks SIL) right after NYC, then followed by blogger being down, this is finally working!

It's Monday, and time for Friend Makin' Mondays. And this week, I want to talk about what we love about ourselves. We all have our own set of strengths and weaknesses that make us unique, and I think it's time for us to celebrate those things.

If you've taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you're new, please take a moment to answer this week's question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers.

Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it's time for this week's topic!

What makes you awesome? List at least five qualities/hobbies/habits make you cool and unique?

I love this question so much, most of the time I'm great at telling people how wonderful they are but it takes more effort when it comes to my personal view of myself. Don't get me wrong- I think I'm terrific- but I want to list things that I think other people will see on me, or better yet, how I want to be remembered.

1) I'm super dupper helpful to others, to the point of being at fault. If I can help someone I will, I cannot say no or ignore other peoples needs. I like to help people (maybe that's why I always dreamed to being a Doctor when I was young). If is in my power -and sometimes even if is not- I will try hard to help others.

2) I strive to be a good person, Mother, wife, Sister, friend, etc. I don't assume I just am, so I always strive to be better. Even though , or maybe because of, the rocky relationship with my own mother I always try to do better.

3) I'm a girly girl: I love to get dress up, go shopping, put makeup on, get my nails done, wear perfume. Sometimes is hard because I'm a SAHM now and we tend to get comfortable but I do try to look pretty. Yesterday I was going to Kohls and got a dress on, full makeup, high sandals...the hubs did a double take and even decided to go with me. Is nice to know I can still make him look at me and tell me that I look beautiful.

4) I'm a smart woman. I like to read, I like to keep informed, I like to know things (like how the Lincoln Tunnel was built- and yes I know the answer). I want to have an informative decision about most things, although I hate discussing politics or religion. Is funny when people state they are open minded until you disagree with them *wink*.

5) I don't like to intentionally hurt people or have confrontations. Even when I'm right I rather be at peace and not tell people off. I don't like to argue. I used to be very "I tell you the truth" in my younger years but I learned that while the truth may seem good, if I'm going to hurt someone I rather keep my mouth shut.

Now it's your turn, join Kenz and tel us about yourself!

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