Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The good life backwards

You know how you never know what you have until is gone? How the old times where the good times? How blah, blah, blah, blabiddity, these young kids have it easy, blah, blah, blah, when I was young we, blah, blah, blah, and then we blah, blah. Remember that?

Ok so I was driving and rocking to Black Eye Peas "Dirty Bit" and looking like a dude from "Night at the Roxberry" (what? I rock!)

Anyways, for some odd reason of nature and because my mind works in mysterious ways I was reminiscing of old times back in the homeland. Seems to me that those by gone days are what most of us are looking for these days. If only I would have known! Lets review a few fun facts.

1. We had a maid- actually my Mom, siblings, Aunts, etc, back home still do. Don't think we didn't do any chores, we have to help out and clean our rooms, help with additional duties. I never realize that coming here it was so seldom you would find that on medium class families.

2. ok, don't hate. we also had a laundress. She used to come in and do all the Laundry, boiling in huge pails all the whites and the sheets. (FYI- We where not filthy rich, we did not live out in the country, as a matter of fact we lived right smack downtown). She was with us for ages, even after getting machines my Mom didn't have the heart to let her go, plus the woman wanted to fell useful. I cans till smell that fresh laundry scent...washed with an organic soap...which I didn't realize until I came here and saw that our natural soaps where indeed organic.

3. This one almost killed me. I used clothe diapers with my oldest. Dear GAWD that was a pain in the a$$, seriously. I had to hand wash them because my mom did not want me to put them in the machine. a few times a day I had to go to take the poop and pee out of them so it wouldn't stain. And when you carried him and the pee actually leaked all over you, or the sheets, or the floors...ugh...nightmares. Healthy but UFF, so not doing it again.

4. I also made 90% of the food he ate. I made soups, and chicken, and peas...blend it, froze it, unfroze it. That part I liked. I didn't make as much meals with Aiden, but I still try to give him more of my meals than anything else. Oh, and I boiled and wash his bottles every night, no microwave sterilizer.

5. We grow up on homemade natural juices. If we wanted Juice we took the fruit, squeeze the lemons, the oranges, blended the guava,the pineapples, etc. and had juice. We even had real fresh coconut water from the actual coconut not a can. My mom still does juice this way. I was considering doing the same but do you know how much a Juicer cost!?

6. My father had our house built from scratch, with his own money, no loans. Also all six of us went to private schools and private Colleges. It amazes me how many people are trying to paid Credit cards and be debt free and my Dad was; he never had a credit card until he retired at 75 and only because they wanted to accumulate points ( how they did it, I still have no freaking clue).

7. Even though we where a large family we had vacations at resorts, on the beach. We also members of this country club.

8. We also used seamstress and have most of our going out outfits, party attires costume made. Anything you could find a picture of, we would go buy the fabric and had them made for us, It was a luxury I would love to have now because, surprisingly it was cheaper than go to a boutique. After falling in love with a $190 dress a Talbots I learned my lesson (no, I didn't buy it).

I was thinking how I was blessed with a beautiful and comfortable life growing up. This post was not to brag, my father worked really hard and he did not retired until after he was well over 70. They budgeted well and knew when to splurge. I was just thinking that all the things I want to do or achieve they did it and with more kids. Even though the Mom-ster drove me insane she does gets props for being a great home maker.

This was mainly me, with rambling thoughts that how come, yet again technology is not always better, more efficient yes, but not always better. How now we try to go backwards and do all those old fashion things: organic food, healthier choices, get out of debt; while still providing a better life for our kids/families. I think before, we got the good life backwards.

Over & out

P.S all photos taken from google images and totally not mine

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