Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm always late for the party

I'm weird (SHOCKER!) I'm the type of person that if a TV show is too popular I dont even bother with it, something about everyone talking about the same thing turns me off for some reason. I've never seen DWTS, Greys Anatomy, American Idol, The Bachelor and the kinds, and things of the sorts. Even shows like Two and a half men....nope, not for me.

But I am finding really regrettable to not have been watching two shows that I've gotten into lately: "The Adventures of Old Christine" and "How I met your mother" HOLY GUACAMOLE Batman, how did I miss years of pure perfection!?

Christine is sooooooo bad and self center I can't wait to see what other jackass thing she comes up with, all the while sharing an amazing cast (Wanda Stykes ROCKS). If you are not watching you need too. It makes me laugh every single time.

How I met your mother is just a new friends but (dare I say it) even better.

I love weird, inappropriate, sarcastic humor and both shows have so much. They are witty and funny and I can't have enough of them. I love that my 18yr old loves watching HIMYM with me too. Last time I gotten so much in to a TV show was with my adorable Gilmore Girls (which I own every single season).

Hellu? 16 yr old gets pregnant and has this amazingly weird relation with her kid (sounds familiar?) LOve and MisS this ShOw so very much. I tried getting into "Parenthood" to see Lauren but I always forget to watch.

And because sometimes is good not to have to think and just watch mindless TV I'm watching again "Real Housewives if NJ" and "Jerseylicious". I know, embarrassing and addictive.

Ok, off I go to make dinner... ANDDDDDD by the way the woman that did my nails did a mess so badly that I actually came home and took the polish off (big blobs of paint, like a 5 yr old did them) so I'm going back AGAIN tomorrow and will request the new owner to do them. UGH, where is the customer service gone?

Over & out

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Jodi said...

I have all the seasons of Gilmore Girls too! If I were a single mom to a girl I would be just like her!lol
BTW You have been awarded a Stylish blogger award! Check out my blog!