Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We interrupt this program...

Today, two years ago it started a new journey for me. One that I didn't know I will want and cherish so much. It's been two years of no sleep, constant worry, lots of things changed. But it has also been filled with amazement, happiness, joy, sheer delight, and pride.

I remember meeting you and crying, seeing you for the first time was overwhelming. You see, for the longest time I didn't know if the life I have now would happen to me; then I was blessed TWICE. How lucky can a girl get?!

Today my Aiden turns Two!

And even though he is a little more independent, and he has developed some of his charming personality, in my eyes you are still my little newborn nugget. I love you beyond words, you have made all of us so much happier because you are here.

Last night you rushed into the kitchen while I was cooking, hugged my legs from behind with so much force and enthusiasm and said "
my momma" melted my heart.

Happy Birthday dear Boy, I will forever be your Momma =)

Over & Out


Brandi. said...

Happy Birthday, Aiden!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your adorable son!

Thanks for your FMM comment! I like your idea of a dinner party- you have such a varied group. I would love to meet Sting as well, his voice is hauntingly beautiful.

Sammi said...

Beautiful family, and beautiful words. You are definitely blessed beyond measures. I have a feeling that when God feels time is right for me to have a family, I will have the same thoughts and feelings as this. Thank you for sharing! :D