Friday, May 20, 2011

Ins and Outs

This week has been, as always, challenging. Seriously you would think I have so much going on but in reality little things drive me bonkers. Dear old Josephine aka old PC finally passed away leaving us all using Alain's Laptop (and I despised them) but beggers can be choosers. We will be purchasing a new one...eventually. Sooner rather than later but I am a stubborn pigheaded woman and told the hubs that if we are going to invest in one is going to be one I absolutely love.

Dear Josephine lasted 10 yrs people! so I'm hoping to make a good investment so this next one will last as well. I'm not a whore for new devices so I do not plan to change it
every year. I say I because is mainly for my personal use. So here are this week's In's and Out's:

  • new nail polishes. I've gotten three in the last few weeks and very happy with them.

Essie- Tart Deco, Hard Candy- Beetle, which is a dupe for one of the MAC Venomous Villains, Sally Hansen-Mint Sorbet, which I already tried on my toes and loved.

  • getting my nails done. My salon changed owners and got remodel which made it even nicer.
  • going out to eat Mexican, even the little guy enjoy a tasty quesadilla (which I can make at home but I needed to have a break from cooking)
  • Getting a Triceratops for my little guy that made him so Ubber HAPPY! Dinosaurs are really important to him :)

  • buying and making amazing NY Strip steaks
  • Getting crabcakes (wanna ask how my diet is going?)
  • getting a compliment on my blouse by a hip girl while @ the college. I felt so young!
  • Finally getting so in to the book I'm reading ("Mina")
  • getting motivate to dress up more which means wearing my lovely heels

  • Obviously Dear Josephine passing
  • The insanely ridiculous amount of paperwork we are still doing for college. seriously, how many copies of my taxes do these people need?
  • The bathroom tub getting clogged as I tried to take a midnight shower...UGH!
  • trying to find a decent bodywash that doesn't smell like a field of flowers. Not all women want to smell flowery. I spent about an hour at WM trying to get something that didn't make me want to gag. Not to be a snob but I was using Philosophy's Silent Night and The Body Shop coconut and now I don't like anything out there. Finally decided on J&J baby bath.
  • having my manicure damage by the time I got home. I don't get it. I have gel on and it looks like it shrinked, so off I go tomorrow to get them fix.
So that's it for now, I'm looking forward to a smooth weekend, lots of cleaning and of course redoing my mani. Hope you enjoy yours...or the last day since the world is supposed to end.

Over & Out

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Miss S. said...

I love those colors. The Essie one is so soft & girlie.

I hear you with the Mexican food-Quesadilla's stuffed with all sorts of stuff are staples at my house too, but my kids always order them when we go out. =)