Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello leave

The lack of sleep is still taking over my life, however I've decided I will win this fight. Even though last night it was 4am and I was still up, kind of sort of watching a ridiculous movie called "Christmas in Connecticut" and thinking that we really should move to the country, I woke up at 7am, took the Hubs to the train station, came home, made the largest posible cup of coffee and hang with the kiddo in bed watching cartoons for a bit.

I am exhausted but I wont lay down. Alain last test for the semester is today so I have to take him to school early. So what is one to do when you get no sleep and are supper tired and waiting for maintenance to come sand a wall in our bedroom? Clean of course!

Stress have been taking over me, the lack of sleep, the bills to be paid, then the Holidays, I seriously just need a breather. I don't want to complain, specially since driving thru one of those shopping plazas I saw a tent behind an old building, seems like some folks have been living there. I know this happens all the time, all over, but seeing this just showed me how lucky I am indeed, and that no matter what there is always a tomorrow.

I know this post seems so random and all over the place, but with my scatter brain this is all I can muster right now.

Anyone else watching good TV? seems I'm always up I finally caught up with 2 shows that I'm loving right now: " Once Upon a Time" & " Grimm" both based on fairytales, I love it!

OK, off to make lunch to one demanding little guy.

Over & out

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