Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What are you praying for?

Blessed to have a place to put a tree

I'm sorry if talking about my issues has become a theme here, but I must say that I have share some of my thoughts with others and seeing how many people are in our shoes and how many are suffering and having struggles I figure I share some insight.

It is so sad that most of the time when we are in trouble is when we remember to pray, to seek God. To hope that there is someone out there listening to us, someone who cares, but most of all, someone who can do something.

It breaks my heart to see how many people are strugling out there, even worst than we are (take for example my ill brother); but what it's even more sad is the amount of people who do not care about others, at all.

Dr. Phil had a show today about how many families go hungry in America (1 of 6 americans have struggle with putting food on the table. Dr. Phil was asking to make donations. Some of the comments said this:

"If people that had jobs before that lost them saved and stopped spending over their means maybe they would have had something to fall back on. Also, there are alot of people that aren't working because they feel like some jobs are below them. I don't feel sorry for any of them."

"How about giving birth control to the poor so they stop having children they can't feed!!"
(because God forbid someone poor is blessed with children)

"Raising money to provide meals is a waste of money. "

These are the nice ones. They call people receiving help Lazy, bums, that people really are not that bad off. It truly breaks my heart. How can we be so judgmental, so hard, so cold. How can we not feel for others around us? how can we not try to help when we can?

But my post is not about who we no longer see what is in front of us, how we don't want to get involve, how we ignore the poor and the homeless, the sad, the lonely and the ones hurting, no...is not about that.

I want to talk about Praying.
In the last week I have spoken to people suffering, hurting, people wanting a better life, a better future, etc.

So I ask you: What do you Pray for?

Do you pray for a house?
Do you pray for a car?
Do you pray for that raise at work?
Do you pray for more money?
Do you pray to meet your better half, get married?
do you pray for a day off?
Do you pray for health?
Are you making plans for the future when you have the bigger house, your dream car, the higher paying job, more cash?

I will make a humble suggestion.

The next time you pray, ask God to give you faith above all.
Faith to know that you have what is meant for you, there is a reason for all. Pray to have joy for the things you already have, that you enjoy each day for the things it brings.

Pray for the faith to believe in your heart that you are not alone, that he knows what is best for you, that today things may seem unfair, that the road seems long and hard, but that
one day you will look back and know everything has a reason to be.
Ask him to put in your soul the believe that you are blessed TODAY no matter what your situation is.

Blessed to have a messy house, with a play tent in the middle of the living room, for having kids that enrich my days.

I have been praying so hard and I know in my heart that no matter what, we are so blessed. That life is wonderful and beautiful, that I am never alone. I hope that if you are sad, problems have been troubling you, please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Over & out

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Karina said...

Well said. I pray every morning and every night for the health of my family and to give us (hubby and me) the strength to give our children everything that we can, but most of all love. There’s nothing that I care more that my kids feel love.