Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Suze Orman is CRAZY

If you don't know Suze Orman is "an internationally acclaimed personal finance expert". Psst.
Whatever.To me the Biatch is crazy.

I'm not hatting on her (which is another post that I have coming up) and I'm sure she has helped some people along the way. Personally every time I see her on TV I just want to throw something at her. But why lovely Nina Patricia? you ask.

I'll explain.

I was browsing the tv while the kiddo napped and as always stop by my local PBS channel (I love the "Masterpiece Mystery"...but I I was browsing she comes up. She was having some sort off seminar and people where asking questions.

I should have known to just skipped this and look for something else, but of course like a moth to the flame I stayed put and watched.

This is what she was saying (in my own short words)
1. Advise #1 to a kid in college with huge loans: don't care about your friends traveling, partying, or having fun. Right after getting out of college take the first job they offer you, not the one that pays the more. Start your job and hour early, leave 2-3 hours after you are requested to. If you are not required to work weekends, go work on Saturdays. Make yourself indispensable to the company.

First off, I have a kid in college and I want him to be a good student (which he is 3.9 aver) but I also want him to have a life.

Second: Companies DO NOT CARE what you do for them. They will use you and abuse you, they will give you a pat in the back but if it comes the time to let you go they WILL NOT care how many family functions you missed to work Saturdays, how many hours away from the family or how many times you where there @ 6am to get this done. Trust me, this happened to me. Has happened to many friends and family. Working so hard and they JUST.DONT.CARE.

And Third: really? the memories of his younger years are of him missing out on fun, trips, friendships, dating, etc. because he was working? (she suggested he do this well into his 30's)

Advise #2: A man who had great credit was thinking on filing bankruptcy because of financial troubles. Rather than doing this he went back to school to get his Master's. He knows has a 100K student loan and only makes 20k a year. She prompted to ask him on National television if he was a man who cries, because she could tell he was, and what she was gonna say is going to break his heart. She stated it was stupid to go back to school thinking his life would be better, that he was better off with the first loan of 25k and working as a waiter to pay it off than what he did of going back to school.

OH, I soooooo wanted to punch her in the face!
Who the heck are you to tell people that their dream to having a better education was stupid? So he is better off living as a waiter then going back to school? REALLY?
I have never heard that before, that going to further your education is a mistake, that he was stupid and that waitressing is the way to go.

Now, I am no financial expert and I certainly don't have financial security. and guess what?
It's OK. Life is still much better than some that have more than we do. I have kids. I have a family. I'm teaching and loving each moment with them.
I know there is a lot of you guys out there looking to be debt free, trying to have a secure future, etc. and that is ok. I just wonder what the price that people pay for it. How many school functions for your kids have you missed? how many games? how many birthdays? how many days have you come home and the kids are already asleep?
How many people you hear saying: I'll be happier when I get the new car, a house, then another car, another bigger house, when I have 100k saved, when this, when that, and they let life pass by and they never enjoyed it.

I have MANY friends and family that are working really hard at having money. The kids are being raised by someone else, the husbands work so hard they barely see him, yes they have money but no love, no connection, no life and no family.

When my oldest was 7 I moved to the US and he stayed back home (thanks Immigration). I worked really hard and he had a pretty decent life: Private schools, going to the country club, I had nice vacations with him. However I was only able to see him maybe twice a year if I was lucky. I tried really hard not to miss his important events, First Communion, etc. But the day to day life, the time he got Chicken pox, His first dance, etc...I missed all that.

He is 19 now and going to college. To this day he still tells me of how it was growing up without me. Those years are never coming back to us. In 20 yrs your children wont care about how much money you had and how many things you can buy them (would they enjoy it? certainly), they would remember the camping trips, how you set up the Christmas tree, or their favorite meal. I never noticed that my parents had a pretty good financial life until I was older.

Don't get me wrong, I want to provide a decent living to my children, I want to be able to do things with them, and buy them reasonable things, but not a the cost of missing them. Hasn't she seen "Click" with Adam Sandler?

Why do you think so many rich kids get into drugs, get in trouble? because they have everything and they are bored. The same happens with the other side of the spectrum if the parents are working 3 or 4 jobs and the kids basically have to raised themselves. If you don't have or want kids, and your ideal is to have a vast amount of me, then go for it.

There has to be a balance in between. I highly recommend reading this post from "Like Mother, Like Daughter" that I have mention, oh I don't know...20 times by now? Click on it I have it linked. It's called "Five things that are worse than being in debt." and whenever I feel discourage I read it again.

As far as I know Mrs. Orman does not have kids. I know is her job to give you "financial" advise. I know people judge us and think "oh they should not have more kids, they should get another job, I know people think being SAHM is a lazy job, and easy job. Life is so much more than what you have on the bank. It is so much more than going to work even when you are sick, or worst, when your kiddos are sick and you still leave them with someone else...that, is just not me.

Sorry Suze, you are crazy if you thinks having money is more important than anything else in life. And for that, I feel sorry for you.

Over & out

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Suze Orman seems to wanna be the Nancy Grace of the financial world. Rude, crude, and insulting. Bitch!

As someone without a kid, I can't say that I can relate at the moment but I agree with your premise. Sadly, money is my city (New Orleans, LA) public schools SUCK. If you want your kid to get any kind of education, private school is what you have to do. Private school is EXPENSIVE. When I think about having a kid, I say "after school" etc., b/c a freaking private school is like a car note. Sadly.

Balance is key. I fully believe in that. I have friends with kids who cannot stand being away from their kid for an hour. I'm sorry, that is ridiculous...I feel like everyone needs a break and needs their own time. Then I know people who are happy being off working and doing their own things without their kids. Balance.

You sound like a great mom! Next time Suze Orman comes on t.v., change the channel!