Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 on Thursday's: Comforts foods

As i am waiting for my oldest to get up so we can go get some pizza for lunch, my little one is watching PBS and giving me grapes. He is so happy :) So I figure why not step away from all my stuff and to join My Chihuahua Bites for another 3 on Thursday's: 3 On Thursday: Comfort Foods
3 on Thursday Today’s topic is: What are your 3 favorite comfort foods? Whenever I am going thru something, all I crave is Chinese food. I don't care if I'm sick or stressed, that is my go to food.
then is this: Waffle cone ice cream, there are several brands that carry it so I choose whatever I can find (or is on sale)
Then lastly, when I crave something salty (which is rare) I go for this- with tons of sour cream (I like wavy potato chips for some reason, the regulars are bleh to me)
So there you have it, what are yours? come by to My chihuahua bites and let us know. BTW_change is coming, and I KNOW it will all be for the best. Over & out


Cole said...

Great foods! I had a stressful day, so maybe I'll pick up chinese food for dinner. :-)

Megan W said...

Oooooo those are all good ones! I definitely crave General's chicken a lot. And the ruffles with sour cream and onion dip is another combo that reminds me of home :)