Thursday, May 31, 2012

helluuuu my people

So here is the update so far: I did not want to do an update (huh?) because I have no pictures and I hate to post without having any. My camera is in storage-even thought it works craptasticly- and I don't have one of those fancy smart phones to take some...but I will try my best to get some when we go out this week with the SIL.

We are in.... TAN TAN TAAAAAAAAAA (cue dramatic music) NEW YORK CITY!
The change is not something we had plan and we are still weighting our options, there is a lot at stake but we have to go where we are being lead to. They say you make plans and God laughs and it is so true. So lets see what the future brings.

I was also debating on posting. A lot has happened in our lives that I wont get into here, but I started to realize that I write this blog for me. Not to make people happy or mad, not to get pity, not so people can think I'm a joke, actually I can care less what people think of me, I write for me. { ok inside joke, I soooo pictured myself saying that with the DRAGO voice from Rocky know at the end when he screams in Russian "I win for me? lol moving on} As a journal, as a way to get my thoughts straight. I still have almost all my journals from when I was younger and I see this blog as another form of it.

We have lost a lot of things so far...things that where part of our family...but they where things. There where also other things that where left behind...I don't want to say much because some things make me cry; but I do believe we are being guided to where we need to be.

So far NYC has been good. The Hubs family has come almost daily to visit, they all are happy to have the little guy around too. I'm getting use to the market, the train-of course going with other people-and seeing a new perspective.

Things that I have noticed:

  • people are crazy here :) the fashions are either really pulled together and stylish or crazy girls walking around in their PJ's. Loving all the TOMS shoes around.
  • Having a car is a PAIN in the ASS here, parking. Anywhere. Doesn't matter the time.
  • Mani-pedi's are super cheap here. Have not gotten one but we are planning to have a girls afternoon out to do so.
  • the deliver anything to you. Seriously.Not even talking about just food here: detergents, a fan, diapers, your food shopping (for free may I add) of course this is just in the area I am right now.
  •  Rent can be ridiculous in most places.
  • people actually commits suicide by jumping out of the GWB. Not funny at all. Someone the family knew committed suicide on beyond sad.
  • trains are a great way to see free entertainment
  • walking is a must and a constant here, I wonder how come everyone doesn't have killer legs.
So far I'm not going to lie: it has been hard. But knowing that the kids are alright, that things can always be worse, that we need to live in the moment, enjoy what we have, be happy with the things you got, not saying "when I get this, when I get the promotion, when I get that car or that house, then I'll be happy" and replacing it with "I am going to be happy NOW" for me can make a huge difference in life.

I will keep you all posted, and thank you to those of you sending me messages asking about us :)

Over & out

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