Monday, May 7, 2012

So we survive the weekend. Not gonna lie, there where times that people spoke to me and I just wanted to crawl into a ball and cry. Then my oldest would come to me and hug me and tell me "we got this, we will get over this". And I believe him.
I have hope. People have show me how much they care for us. I feel bless because I am not alone in this and know that this new hardship will teach me a lesson. It just feels like I've been in the school of life learning lessons for a while. I am sad but I am ready to move over it. I may not get my mirror but I could get one eventually. The jewelry that had sentimental value even though it cannot be replace, it's not a person or a love one. My mom has been a trooper with us. My Sister gathered up all the makeup she could so I would have some. Life is hard. Life is also very, very good and kind. If you have the heart to steal someone's stuff, the few material things they work so hard, without a care in the world...well that's on you, your conciseness, your karma. I want to believe they really needed them, that perhaps they are worst of and thought they had no other choice. but I know everyone does have a choice. We are in a hotel tonight, we needed time for us as a family. We decided to stay with family until we find a new place. The hubs and my kiddo are sleeping next to me while the oldest is in the shower. I feel some how at peace. Somehow I know this was meant for us to learn to be together no matter what. That material things can go in a minute. I hope you all are blessed and safe today. Remember to use that expensive soap/cream today, to wear your fabulous things to the market, why not? after all one day they might be gone. Over & out

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Bella said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your hardships. The most important thing is that you and your family are safe. As you said, those material things can eventually be replaced. Take care!