Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update...not so good

This week has been so hard on my family. It's a long story but to make it sure they stole our belovde Imac, our camera, TV, ALL of my makeup collection (even my deodorant and hair brushes that where with it), my dresser antique mirror that sat on top of it, with all my jewelry, all my family heirlooms my mom gave me, broke almost all our plates, cups, etc... We know who it was (people that work here) but we have no proof and when the police came they say there was nothing they could do. I know it's only material stuff and one day we can get that back, but we worked so hard for it, the mac had our pictures and info...its just hard.... We are with family now but will be in a motel for a bit until we can find a new place. Not sure when I'll be able ti be back here; I hope soon cause I miss reading all of your blogs. Did I tell you yesterday was our Little guy's Third Birthday? The plans for the little gathering got ruined too. Sigh I'll be back, and hopefully not cry when I thin about it. Over & out

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affectionforfitness said...

Oh, I would give you a huge hug if you lived nearby. You've had so many hard times.

Have another little party. Little kids get happy over a baggie of cookies at the park with lots of swing rides. I had lots of $2 parties with my little kids. They had lots of fun.

You know, people look tough with a big truck or fancy car, but the people who truly are tough are people without the props.

I'm not going to lie to you, you're always going to feel bad about this, but you will learn to be a tough person for other aspects of your life. You will use that toughness to be more daring in your dreams. I've been in terrible spots like you, so I know.

Eventually, there will be a silver lining to your black cloud.

:-) Marion

:-) Marion