Tuesday, May 15, 2012

For every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage attached.-W. Clement Stone

Hello peeps. Just wanted to give a quick update that we are well, we are together and still sane. We traveled to NYC since the Hubs family wanted to see us and the little guy for his Birthday (they had a cake, balloons, presents and a small gathering for him). It was nice, even going to the park on Saturday with the little guy reminded me that the little things do matter. They always had for me. He was so happy and basically was exhausted from playing with his cousins all day, he passed out after a long bath. Sunday I was convinced and dragged to Long Island for a family BBQ.; and I'm so glad we did. Aiden loves riding both the subway and the train, he played all afternoon in the yard and again passed out in the train on the way home. I have learned that I have to faith that there is a reason that God sometimes do not answer our prayers, he has a bigger plan all along. Is like this saying: " I have lived to thank God that all my prayers have not been answered.- Jean Ingelow" We are in a though spot right now, but like we said: we are together and we are healthy. Things could be worse. I know they could. I will give more details in the future...
I start a new job :) and we will see what else happens, there are a lot of changes coming and they say change is always for the best. I believe that. Like my friend says: there are signals that the world is giving you, you just need to follow them. Over & out.

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