Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Baby is 3 months!!!! (and my new Ring!)

darn. time is flying by so fast.
Our baby boy is officially 3 months old! it wasn't too long ago we met for the first time...do you remember? I do: you where oh-so-warn and squishy (and a little gross) but oh so beautiful and I couldn't believe you were ours to keep. Then you looked at me and it was like "hi there Lady, got any milk?" I was madly in love.

Today you are more rounder and not so squishy anymore. You can turn all by your self and grab your little "paƱito", you put your fingers in your mouth and make funny faces. Gosh, you even try to have a conversation with us. and you LAUGH, you LAUGH like someone told you the most amazing story there is to tell.

However, today you were moody, you didn’t like that we woke you up and you DID NOT want to be in your car seat. He was not crying, more like complaining….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa“like GET-ME-OUT-NOW!!!!” hehehe- I wonder who you get that from (???)

OK, so back to more girly things, I am wearing the coolest most affordable ring. I found it while browsing stores in the mall. They have this little cart in the middle that sells glass pieces. OH, I am in love with it. So cute, all blue and green...had to do my makeup in those tones as well...I mean the ring kind of dictated my entire outfit today.
Here is a picture of the ring (which BTW cost $4):

What a deal! Here is my eyeshadow...sorry for the blurry picture but my photographer AKA Tori was making me laugh:

Oh and here is my shoe for the day...very inexpensive (less than $20 girl!)

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