Saturday, August 29, 2009

Waking up with Aiden


If you get to know me at all you soon find out that I'm not even half human unless I had my cup of coffee in the morning; seriously I don't even like to talk. No good morning to me, no birds chirping outside, no rainy day (my favorite BTW) can make me be a morning!!!

I never saw why people find it so exhilirating to get up early in the morning and being so happy about. NOT.ME. Turns out hubs is not so bad, but he is also a night owl like mua. Then we have Alain, a kid that during his school year is prompt to get up~but when vacation strikes he can be sleeping until noon if you let him. Another owl.

Well, it turns out the joke was on us...we where blessed with a happy-go-lucky-monring-baby.
YUP, little guy LOOOOOVES the morning, he wakes up, does his famous fish
impresion (feet and head up like he is a whale, arms back) then turns to be on his back, smiles (saying to himself: who's the man now?!) and then starts talking.

He starts touching his crib toys, pulling on the strings to make things make noise. So of course I get up and see him, I tell him "Good Morning" and he just cracks up the biggest laugh, like he had this planned. And of course then I'm up, and I'm happy, and blessed, and realize that we are so lucky to have him. We had so many frightening moments that we though that he may not make it, but he did. He is a fighter that little one. A fiery one like his name says.

And this morning, I take him to bed with me cause it's before 6am and hubs already was up with him on his last feeding. We talked for a bit, then later I wake Daddy up and I start getting ready for work. I come back from the bathroom to find you and your Daddy laughing and talking and it hit me: well, maybe we are indeed morning people after all!

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