Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Yeah Baby!
Guess who can roll over all by his georgous tiny self?
Yes, indeed= Mr. Aiden himself.
I went to check on the little guy because I heard music coming from his crib in the am
{read 4am} and I see him pulling the string on his toy...I asked DH if he place Aiden
in that possition and he (very sleepy) said no. So I lay down Aiden again and wouldn't
you have it-he indeed rolled over!!!!
He nows now that this toy makes music and I guess he say to himself:
"yeah I can do this"!

Our little guy is growing so fast is not even funny. I shouldn't be surprise,
after all it wasnt such a long time ago that another little-hold-my-hand-mommy-guy
turned in to a teenager who is on his last year of high School.
Time does fly, and we better make sure we cherish all this moments that we
are given with our kids, hug them and kiss them and let them know they
will always be your baby.
I guess next time I am exausted because he woke up again at 4am I should
hold him longer, look into his beautiful wondering eyes and see that this will
not last forever and that I am going to miss these mommy and me moments.

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