Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nails!!!! My little secret

OK, so I got a Secret (Just picture the Madonna song playing)

I Love, love,Love, love,Love, love,Love, love, getting my nails
done. To me is like a zen-spa-feel. I feel pretty and pampered
and I love the me time I get. I love the hubs and the little monster
more than life itself, but sometimes a girl just needs to take care of herself.


Feel the trembling pulsations of the massage chair as you are putting
your feet in warm water...LOVE.IT.
I know some people are kind of iffy about someone touching your feet,
and I'll admit that sometimes I have to concentrate really hard not
to burst out laughing when they are scrubbing them with the pumice stone,
but again, it's all worth it!
So since we are in the subject I'm really particular about the colors I like:
Is either really light as in a French Manicure, "Baby Cakes" by Essie or I go to extremely
dark as in "Russian Night", "Lincoln Park After Dark", "My Private Jet" all by O.P.I

I see sometimes a pruuuuty pink or even a crazy blue ("For Audrey" by China Glaze)
and think Oh my...yummy but I know if I did them in that color I would get bored
within a day or two.

So here are some pictures of the things I see that I like:

BTW- these is NOT me...although I have done both the first and last pic...they where interesting.

I can't wait for this weekend to go have my nals done! YAYYYYYYYY

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