Monday, August 24, 2009


You know when they make jokes in the sitcoms/tv shows telling you that when
you go to see the shrink he is going to ask about your Mom because "it all gets blame
on the mother"?...well in this case this one is sooooooooo true!

I got my shoe addition from my Mom (actually, now that I think about it... my purse/bag addiction also). From the time I was a little girl my Mom had stacks and stacks of shoes and purses. But seriously she can buy 5 new pairs in one month and tell you with a straight face
she didn't get that time she came to visit us and in a priod of 21 days she bought 8 pairs of sandals!!! ~ yes my friends, that is commitment to a cause.

I should also state that I come from a house hold of 6 females including my Mom, so we ALL inherit this little trait. As soon as my younger sister left the nest, my dear Mom had some shoe racks put in DS closet so she can stack more of them there.

I know a lot of people don't get it, why so many? But to me shoes are perfection, they always fit (well, mot of the time *WINK*), they don't make you look fat/skinny, and they can totally make an outfit. Exibit A) Jeans always look better with heels.

I almost made it thru my entire pregnancy wearing heels, they just make me feel more confident~preeeety~taller~skinier. I dont necesarily buy the really expensive ones (read: Manolo, Christian, Prada, Gucci, etc.) I am alaways on the look out for a great sale (Amazon is great on this).

Also go on the off season to department stores like Macys, I have purchase many pairs for even 75% off!!! I'm going to be posting pictures of "the Shoe of the Day" and how much it cost. Here is the first one: Purchased at Kohl's on sale for $20! Luuuuuuuuve it:

FYI: I had to pull my pants up so you can see the shoe, Nail Polish color "Lincoln Park after Dark" by O.P.I

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