Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sick. Dying. Good Bye cruel World

According to my Dear Friend Tori I'm stealing that line from "Hocus Pocus" remember that? the movie with the fantastic Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker about witches? Oh I love, love, love it!
But that's not the reason of this post. I was truly sick and dying, or at least it felt like it. Seriously my immune system is no longer in service. I felt horribly on Tuesday at work and actually got sick. I didn't quite make it to the bathroom and end up doubling over cleaning up my own puke. I tell you, my life is so glamorous.
Hubs thinks its the stress of the move and all that but it wouldn't have been because he ended up sick also. Both us got home and jumped in bed and took turns in the bathroom. by 7pm we were all sleeping or at least trying to. We couldn't even eat. Not like these sexy bodies need more calories but still. I had pain all over my body and my bones felt like brittle, had serious abdominal pain, a fever, felt clammy, nausea, like my blood pressure was dropping, all in all horrible.

A friend suggested that maybe I should go to the Hospital but there was no way I was going to spent 3 hrs with a baby in the E.R. I though if I got truly ill I much rather call an ambulance...oh, I'm not crazy, its just that we where cover with 25+ inches of snow and the roads where B.A.D so there was no way we where driving.

Any hoooo, let me focus on this week: We are home and so far so good. I have a serious lack of storage which means I'll be donating /giving away a lot oft things that we no longer use: old clothes, comforters, scrapbooking stuff, all going bye byes 'cause I have no place to put them and I refuse to live with clutter. Our Old Place we had two walking closets and that my friends, is a lot of stuff one can accumulate. For the most part we are all set up, except for the Baby's room which is where I'm putting all my extra stuff for now. I also have to go shopping. It doesn't make any sense you say? well, it doesn't. But us being us we forgot to pack an entire kitchen cabinet when we moved and now we must go shopping for these:

The sad part to me is that some of these where part of our Wedding gifts and now we have to get them again. Not all at once of course, maybe hitting home goods...will see. I have a few nore boxes to unpack so I may be surprise.

So we are finally back at work after not one but TWO snowstorms. The roads where awful and all but I'm grateful 'cause it gave us time to recoup from being ill. Here are some shots of the area:

Friends Deck, there are some chairs somewhere in there...

My Sis and sweet Niece...
these guys were truly trapped in their home.

So like you can see , these have been very unproductive days to a point, although I love the staying at home cozy up with the family. Now I learn to double check everything when I move and to not believe the hubs when I ask: did you check? was my fault though cause i was packing the kitchen so I have no clue how I missed those...ahhh but he does try, the hubs...I wuw him. I'm gonna go now catch some ZZZZzzz because tomorrow is a work dinning room table is still missing it's glass top, eventually we will get at my sister's...I think :] I hope...

Over & Out

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