Saturday, February 20, 2010

It happen like this...well sort off.

It was a sunny hot day in November. Yes, HOT. Living in the caribean has their advantages. It was such a busy street, you could just sit there for hours watching the cars pass. She was so tired from school. She was sitting on the bus stop bench waiting for him. He was always so quiet and at the same time he always seem to get her. Funny thing was that the age gap didnt faced either of them. She was 16, he was 22. She didn't get all the things that people said about him. She figure they just didn't know him like she did.

As always he was speeding like a bat out of hell and stopped the car with screeching tires. He smile at her. She got in the car and said "Hi"

Him: whats wrong?
her: nothing
him: not nothing, I kow you...
her: can we just drive?
him: sure...

She was broken hearted. Sad. disapointed.
She didnt want to go home; what for? her mother was probably in one of her moods and would be asking her to do stuff that she simply did not care about. There was also the inminent fact that they would be moving soon, once the house her family was building was finished. But she could care less about those things, life as she know it was over. After all isnt that like any 16yr old feels after her boyfriend does something stupid. Life was over. She would never love again.

They drove in silence for a while like they did so many other times. She was thinking that's the reason he liked her, 'cause she didnt bug him with stupid questions or with an incesant amount of useless topics. She turned her face away from the window to look at him. He was always there. Always dropping everything to pick her up. to hang. Even went so far to follow her when she went to the beach for a week with ehr family. He was there. She wonder why...

She smiled.

"why are you smiling?"
" no reason"
"have been drinking havent you?"
"you know I don't out for that car!!!! Geez, I swear one of these days you are going to kill us"
"impossible" he smiled.

He knew she was sad, he suspected it had something to do with her boyfriend. They never talked about him. He just casually mentioned it once saying someone had told him her boyfriend was back from abroad.

Where do you wanna go?
Her: anywhere...
lets go to my house

A few weeks passed and she knew she had to tell him. he first time she mentioned her suspicion he blow it off saying she must do something. She knew in heart what was going to happen. She knew and she didn't care. She had a brave heart. The brave heart of a ignorant 16yr that thinks the world will work itself out, the heart that has hope and dreams and just KNOWS things will work out. The one heart that cannot see that things...that life...was quite hard and difficult.

She knew in her heart, she knew in the pit of her stomach that this would be the last time she would see him. She was sad. Not because she loved him but because he had been at one time her best friend. He was the one she wanted to call when she wanted to get away from it all. The one she depended on. And she knew. She knew that would be no more.

She just wished she didn't have to do it on his birthday but she couldn't put it off any longer.

He picked her up and drove them to his house so he could finish getting ready. She brought his present along and hand it over to him as he was sitting on his bed tying his shoes.

This is for you. Happy Birthday...

oh, thank know you didn't have to.

I know, I wanted to...uhm...I have to talk to you...

He stopped what he was doing and looked up.
yeah?, tell me.

Remember our conversation last month?


Well, it turns out I'm indeed pregnant and I'm keeping it. I don't want anything from you.
I just though you should know. know how I feel.

I do.

I don't want anything to do with you or the baby.

I know. Just though you should know. Can you take me home now?

Yeah...let's go.

They drove in silence. There was nothing to say. She was scared shitless and had no clue how she was going to do this, but she just knew this was what she wanted. She was sad but she was at peace.

When they got to her house he just looked at her for a while but didn't say anything. She so wanted him to say anything. She wondered if he was sad also. She open the door to get out, but then stopped herself midway, she looked at him and said: "Good bye"
and she knew that was going to be the last time she will speak to him.

Over & Out

Lorelai: It's from my mother.
Rory: What is it?
Lorelai: It's heavy. It must be her hopes and dreams for me.

Rory: I thought she discarded those years ago.

ahhhh so true!

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