Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The curse of the freebie

I received an email two days ago from Oil of Olay telling me about this free offer on their Regenerist Started Trio kit for the first 1,000 women that sign in. Being a whore for free stuff…Of course I’m in!. So I mark my calendar for 2/24 12:00am in order to get it. I was blow-drying my hair last night when I realized it was 11:58pm. I rush out of the bathroom like a bat out of hell…

Get off, get off, get off! ~ I yelled

Hubs: what?
The Oil of Olay thingy is now, I must enter!
the what!?

oil of olaaaaayyyy get off….

he moves away from the computer while I tried to explain what it is.

So I log in and click on the link…darn it…is for 12:00pm!!!! ARRRRGGGG wait another 12 hours.

Ok so today I’m at work checking thru my phone and nothing, the link doesn’t work until that time. I seriously have my phone glued to my hand going back and forward trying to get in…c’mom 11:57…11:58…almost there…a voice asks "are you going to lunch?”….Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m concentrating go away…11:59….finally 12:00pm!

I click and then…link is too busy …overload…try later.

WHAT? This is not happening, do it a few times…nothing. I send the link to hubs office and I call him desperately yelling at him he must log on…he is like what on earth woman…I told him AGAIN about the OoA thingy, he finally agreed to do it. (doesn't he sees the magnitude of this? narrow minded men I say)... I keep trying all the while on my phone…nothing.
finally is logging in at 12:10!!! YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY




The message read: “we are sorry but this offer has ended. But you can still save with these coupons”

At the same time the hubs calls back and tells me he got the same message…he says “wow, you women don’t kid around with your free samples”
No we don’t darling because it would save US money!

UGH, now I have to be content with the free samples I’m getting from DHC
Seriously their Olive Oil makeup wash thingy is AMAZING…
Hey, at least I got the free samples in last years class-action settlement with the big stores that offered free Makeup (Estee Lauder, Clinique, etc.)

Back to regular schedule progam.

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Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

what a kick in the crotch!!! I hate that - I always hate contests like calling in to be the 10th caller for concert tickets and what not. I NEVER, EVER WIN!!! :( Sorry you didn't get this girl that would have been awesome!