Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Someone...

I am linking to SHORTMAMA's post of the day!
She is funny, go check her out...I mean after you read this post of course.

Dear Childcare provider,

When the little guy is crying like a banshee you don't need to call me and
ask me if I can come pick him up. He is 9 months and gets cranky sometimes.
You know, sleepy, hungry, wet. Seriously, I love that you care enough to call
but if we are sacrificing ourselves and working our butts off, please handle the
situation unless he is TRULY sick.


Parent of some times cranky baby.


Dear Hubs,

I know you thinks is ok and that it can wait a little longer
but if you don't remove the empty boxes from our living
room I'm going to have a cow. I need to finish organizing
this place in order for me to function. Your safety is a stake here.

Your anal retentive OCD Wife.


Dear Mom of another kid at the daycare,

I did not see you running towards the door
and when I realize you where behind me I immediately
apologize and open the door. There was no need for your rudeness.
I don't care about your nastiness or if you had a bad day. Take it
against your husband like we all do.

I believe in violence and will smack the crap out of you.



ahhhhhhh, there...feel better already.
Carry on lads!

Over & out

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shortmama said...

Thanks for joining in! I believe in violence too and would slap the rudeness right out of that lady LOL