Thursday, May 13, 2010

Circus First Birthday

Finally I was able to peel the little one from my leg yesterday long enough to get some pictures. Not only does he has an ear infection but now he has croup or the equivalent of a baby seal with a cough. Needles to say, no one is sleeping in our household.

WARNING- this may be a little long...not like "War & Peace" long but just letting you know. I figure I'll give you of the details. We had a Pop Corn bar which was a big hit. My Sister has a coworker that sells these at fairs as a part time job. He provided these boxes:

Below you can see on the wall the labels with the prices for the items, they where print out from the computer and glued over Scrapbook paper.

The items to the left are actually the goody bags.

We had 5 flavors: Regular, Kennel, Caramel, White Cheddar and Caramel Nut. We also had Cotton candy (from Target) and lemonade & Pizza. Another look of the buckets

The hubs and I with the little guy

As the centerpieces for the table we used these buckets from the Dollar spot, they where filled with good old fashion peanuts in a shell.

Above is part of the setting up. We use tickets (purchased at Target for $3.99) we gave these to people to use to get their food. Each item was labeled with the price. i.e: Pop Corn 3tks, Lemonade 2tks, etc. People seemed to really enjoy this too.

Just comments (aren't we sexy?)

I was going nuts for aT-shirt I saw on had the number one attached with fabric and then they can customized with his name for $18+ shipping. Since we are on a budget I was trying to see what choices I had out there. I found something very similar (except for the customized lettering) from Target for $8.99. Score!

Another great buy was this over the door sign that we used to take pictures. It was $9.99 from Oriental Trading...soooo much fun. Here is the little guy and my Goddaughter.

Here is the cake, we had a major issue because some of the decoration flew away when we went to pick it up, but we manage to make it look decent. This is a pineapple and Guava cake!

I did a memory banner with pictures of the little guy from birth to 11 months (please ignore the garbage cans on the background).

Also had a Hot dog machine (rented for $0.00!) The Pizza went on this side too.

Clown Noses from Oriental trading, another big item. Isn't she adorable?

On to the Goody bags. We got this from (yeap) TARGET again for $1 each. We put candy in it, mini plush animals from IKEA ($0.49) and a funky straw (dollar store) that had a tag saying "Thank you for coming to my 1st Birthday.

Another look at the tables

Banner inspired by Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista

The party took place on a rental hall attached to a Fire House- think how cool would that be for an older kid to have a Red truck theme!. Their rental fee is $200 for 4 hours, tables, chairs, industrial Ice machine and kitchen access is included. The Hot dog machine rents for $25, but because it was a Birthday party the Hall was $150 and the Hot dog machine for free. So go ahead and ask around your neighbor Fire House, Elks, American Legion. They are very accommodating and have great prices.

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