Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dale a tu cuerpo Alegria Macarena!

Dancing the Macarena...sign of good times...or being drunk...
I'm alive and we survive the Birthday bash.

It was a hit but we are extremely tired. One because we slept on an air mattress WiTH the baby and two because now he has an ear infection. Lovely! My poor Little man wants to be babied and thats what we are doing. So today Daddy's home with him while I'm at work. I will be home tomorrow with him so I can upload some of the pictures from the bash.


And to top it all we are doing really bad with my healthy eating (bwahahahahahahaha...hahahaha..breathe...ok I'm done)
I still have left over cake, caramel pop corn and candy...and tons of soda.
Not good.

I need to do something, so hopefully mama Oprah has some great news 'cause I saw a comercial about never having to diet again. I guess someone is going to staple my mouth...darn sweets.

Ok, going again...

Over & Out

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Charmed by the Star Filled Texas Sky said...

Omg!! I know. I started my diet last week, and it seems the weekends are completely the worst. :) Hope your baby feels better!!