Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She's Alive, Aliiiiiiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I'm alive.
Just been busy with the whole week preparation for the Little guy's Birthday.
I seriously cannot wait. Yesterday was his official birthday, and when he woke up in the middle of the night I try to sing Happy Birthday to him and got smacked in the face (by accident of course) guess he was not in his party mood yet.
I decided not to let the day pass blank so we got cupcakes and celebrate it with his pals at the Daycare. I'm telling you this kid was switch in the Hospital because he did not want his cupcake.
How could a child of mine would not have a cupcake!? Madness!
Sunday I got together with the Sis to make the Birthday banner and some labels that are going to be display for the food. I got the Idea of having tickets all over the place for the kids to get the hot dogs, lemonade, pop corn, etc...I think is going to be so much fun. I also got the box from Oriental Trading with all the goodies. I'm headed to Target tomorrow to get the bags of cotton much work. Our car looks like a mess :)
I always like having theme parties that are original and not character related. One of my older Sister's was really good at this, creating a Sailboat party, Train party (with moving train on top of the cake!) and so we have try to the same. Oldest kid even got a M&M party! Exhibit A: My Goddaughter's CandyLand party! (yours truly and sis decorated the cake)

Now I am well aware that when he's old enough he is going to request "The Backyardigan's", maybe "Cars" or whatever new cartoon is out (hopefully not Diego...sorry, he irritates me and to know some translations are incorrect drives me bananas) The hubs hates "Wonderpets" of course I constantly sing the song while we are driving. I know one of these days he is just going to push me out :)
So I'll leave you with a few shoots of his gathering yesterday... and a little story about his birth day {you didn't really think I was going to let you go so easy, now did ya'?}

It was a cool Monday Morning in May, and behind all the anticipation and the anxiety all I could think of was...I want a sandwich! The fact that you know you are not supposed to eat makes you even hungrier. This is a proven fact. For the entire pregnancy I was sick and eating was something I did because I had to; especially in the morning. But that day, I was dying for a ham and cheese sub.

We choose to be induced because I was already 3 cm a few days before and since Daddy works a little far, we wanted to make sure he was able to be there when it happened...I think my exact words where "the hell I'm doing this alone! YOU HAVE TO BE WITH ME"

Granted, he was not the first child but I was already all alone for the first one and it happened, oh....17 years ago!, so I've already been a little confused about the whole process (that and the fact that it happened in another country).

I was told the Food Service would be closed by 4pm (WTF) and I was convince I was going to be able to make it before by pure will power. I will spare you the few hours in went from I'm ok and being able to stand the contractions to the nurse telling me you have only a few minutes to get the epidural, to me telling my husband "go get me that Doctor with the drugs"

All while Mom and Sis watched/slept not too far from me.

Picture above he was not scare, actually VERY excited of his candle.

The little Asian girly is his accomplice, apparently they get together and go to the door in the back and knock so they can let them out in the yard.

Back to the story:

Of course being that you are my child and will inherit my strong will (hardheaded some may say-semantics, really) you where born at exactly 4:15pm...goodbye sandwich!

You where blueish, and squishy and warn and beautiful. The moment you where placed on top of me, the water works began. I was always so worry about how could I love someone so much again after your big brother. You see after a while it was just him and I and that was ok.

Then I held you and I melted, and realized your heart expands with each child, it does not separate in pieces but rather enlarges itself to make more space to love you...cheesy I know, but even this sarcastic woman cannot deny the love one feels by holding a newborn baby.

So here is to you my little man, I'll love you forever and I will gladly give up a lifetime supply of sandwishes for you any day!

Over & Out

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