Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday's, how I hate you

Now, don't take it personal Saturday; is not your fault. I use to like you, actually love you-not too long ago.
But unfortunately getting up at 5am to be at work at 6am and watching my husband and my baby snuggle in bed, with comfy pillows, dreaming away... and the fact that the sun has not come up yet...well, it makes me hate you. I want to be home. I want to be in bed, having my snoring husband cuddle with me. I want to wake up and make breakfast for my family while listening to my Tassimo brewing a cup of java...and then I want to go out to the park, or the mall or anywhere our hearts desire. Anywhere but work!!!
Anyways, moving along Mrs. I-complaint-a-lot.
This weekend is going to be busy, busy, bee. Little man turns one on Tuesday! Yaaaayyyy
(funny thing, I'm planning a First Birthday party for one kid and talking to colleges for the other one, huh!)
Time does fly. So we are having cupcakes at the daycare with all his pals (did I mention he calls out to one little girl? cuuuuuute) on the actual day. My Sister and I are doing the banners and decorations for the actual Party, which is next weekend. We are going to have a Circus theme party...I think I mentioned that before...I have printed labels for all the Circus food, games, etc...aaaahhhhh...can't wait to see the family.
Sis found this image and I altered

Here is some of the inspiration for it.
First: the Banner Idea from Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista (you should pay her a visit, she is one talented girl!)

Circus Party from Kara Party Ideas

**We found OUR popcorn containers @ Target dollar spot...months ago!

Also bought some of the decor at Oriental Trading...waiting for it to arrive any day now...

(Image was found on Kara's website but it is the same as the one from Oriental Trading)
The following is the cake topper, don't worry...I promise it will be fabulous!

I am so thrill to have this party, I will be posting pictures of the actual party so stay tuned.
Now, is time for my 3rd cup or coffee...or is it the 4Th?

Over & Out

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L. Duncan said...

I think my husband feels the same way when he has to be to work at 5am and watches us sleep!

Also, that party is going to be splendid! I can't wait to see pictures! Oh, and college and daycare?! That makes me feel a little better about wanting to try for a girl when my little one turns 5!

Take care hun!