Monday, May 24, 2010


I am finally admitting that I no longer have time...for ANYTHING. Seriously. Even washing my hair requires planning. I have to make sure the hubs is home so not to leave the little one alone for too long (I don't trust the babysitting skills of Dora the Explorer); I have to make sure I have enough time afterwards for drying. I don't dry my hair right away, but rather wait so is damp and then blow dry it. See? a process.

I used to read. LOTS. I have a few books that I'm in the middle of reading and I can't do it; I can't take the time to read them right now. Sorry James Patterson.

I used to scrapbook. I used to spent an evening just scrapping or going to a crop night with a friend and even order dinner there and didn't get home till pass 11pm. sigh. The little guy's album currently has 2 pages done...and he is already a year old.

Granted, the trade off is to see this little person become who he is, watching him jump up and down with Yo Gabba Gabba, no matter how much I hate them. Is having him laugh out loud when we do the JAWS introductory sound. Or having him tackle poor old Pearl and having him laugh about it and her cuddle with him. Is seeing how he is understanding two languages and how he shakes his head when I ask him if he is done eating. I know I'm lucky, I've always said that.

I just feel like us Mom's loose who we are so we can help build these other little persons own self. A magical experience, but a long and hard one.

I'm lucky that my partner in crime watches him so I can go do my nails, or have a shopping afternoon with the Sis. That, my friends, is a luxury.
Then there is the blogs. There are so many and so much talent out there, but I see it all the time...people taking breaks to tend to their families. In the last few years I've become addicted to watching porn...hahahaha...just kidding...making sure you are paying attention... Like I was saying, I became addicted to watching Youtube makeup videos. I love them. Again, so much talent out there.

Last month, one of my favorite Guru's decided to take a long break...from everything: facebook, youtube, twitter, blogs, etc. He said that no matter how much he loved his web friends, he needed to cultivate his real live friendships and family. He needed to dedicate as much effort to those relationships as he did to keeping the "others".

I wonder if sometimes we get connected to the computers and disconnect from the world...I love being able to chat with friends and see pictures and ideas and things of the sorts, and maybe is because this little blog is mostly an outlet for me to vent, that I don't have the stress of having to be off for a while.

But I think he's got a good point, a phone call to your sister, an afternoon coffee with an old friend, going out on lunch break and shopping at Michael's, going to the movies with the girls, having a family nap time or movie night, these things have to take priority over anything else. And I see so many people competing over who has more readers, followers, more videos watched, etc. I hate when they say "enter to win this...if you are a follower" is like they are buying attention.

No, not all of them do it. Some of them really just love what they do, some of the them don't care about the silliness. Some of them love it and sometimes, they just need a break. And me? well...I am sad that I don't get to scrapbook as much as I use to, or read all the time, but now I am experiencing seeing him grow, going to get strawberries together or seeing him go crazy for Hawaiian rolls beats doing anything else any day.

I"ll blog when I can, I will scrapbook when the timing is right, but for now my heart and time is where it should be, with the one's that I love.

Over & out

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