Friday, May 21, 2010

Get down from there!

***This post was supposed to come up last week, but since I'm slowly dying from being sick and exhaustion from no sleep, it goes up today...and I think I don't even make too much sense***

Baby proofing the next generation.

I have a confession to make. Our dear little man is one and we have not baby proof our place; and what seems to be a shocker to most, we are not going to!

Nope, we are not.

We were watching the other day the stand up comedy of George Lopez (I think this one was "why you cryin'"...yeah, spell just like that. He was saying how we are making the next generation so much weaker by baby proofing and over protecting our kids. we so whole heartily agree. Now here me out before you call Social Services on my A$S.

I grow up basically like any other kid of my generation: running around, climbing trees, fences, jumping on and off thins, sitting on a second floor lavatory too look down with out any protection, picking up scabs, putting sugar to stop bleeding, using Vicks Vapor rub to cure bug bites and also as a night mask, yeah...things of that nature. (what?! You didn't? huh...)

And guess what? we survived!

I remember the house across the street from us had a plum "ciruela" tree and we would climb a cinder block fence, going thru the edge of the roof and jump down to the patio to steal *cough* borrow fruit. This was converted as a daycare so there was no one there in the late afternoon.

Or going to my Grandfather's farm and climbing thru barbwire fences only to see that my leg was not crossing cause one of the barbs was encrusted on my leg.

Or my dear brother doing a Karate move on me and sending me flying across the room only to land, head first, with a corner of a bed side table.
yeah, those where the good old days.

My oldest kid, he was a jumper. He would jump out of his stroller only to hit our CERAMIC floor head first. Several times. He also decided to pick up a glass bottle that was left on the side entrance of the house, proceeded to let it break and then cut his hand trying to pick the pieces...he was about 3.

Now, there, there, settle down. He was under supervision but as any one knows a 3 year old would get into any sorts of troubles. Plus that house was meant for those kinds of when a Doberman entered our house and took residence in the main bathroom...but that's for another story.

I, of course, do not want any of my kids (including the furry one) to get hurt in any way. I rather cut my right hand..ok maybe the left since I'm right handed. I understand and applaud if you want to child proof your home and by all means, if you have stairs get some kiddy fences (we didn't and still don't have stairs).

My outlets are mostly out of the way- believe me, the contortions I have to do to connect/disconnect things somethings is proof enough. I also have 10 nieces/nephews and I have yet to see one putting a paper clip in a socket. Just saying.

I also don't remove things from our coffee table, I do make sure there is nothing that can hurt the little guy, but I'm always with him when he is there and I am teaching him not to touch when I say NO. Believe me, he knows...he does not touch the things in there, he is most interested in going under the table, just like our cat.

These days I see so many products out there to protect our children. Neosporin and things to prevent scars, bug repellent, BPA free bottles, etc. I get it. We are trying to prevent things...but I wonder how we all got the regular old bottles, get scratched, bumped, dropped on a foot board head first (me), ate all sorts of junk, fried food...and we are still here.

We are trying to be good parents, we really are. But I wonder if sometimes industries take advantage of the parents selling products we don't really need. (Not you Boppy, I freaking love you!) but for example: I went to get the little guy his first toothbrush, and the toothpaste would cost more than guess what? I didn't get it. He is going to learn the old fashion way not to swallow tooth paste.

And what's up with not giving honey to kids before 1? I mean, back home we gave him tea's, gave him honey with lemon, and any old recipe the grandma had stashed. and AGAIN, we survived.

Besides, didn't you even hear your parents telling you to "walk it off" after getting hurt, falling of a bike, etc.? Yeah, we are going old fashion here people.

Baby boy, get ready to walk it off!

Over & out

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