Monday, June 21, 2010

Because Stupid doesnt like riding alone or the other NYC

So off we went to NYC and at what time we arrived home last night? Well let's just say if I was Cinderella I would have been riding a pumpkin, ok?

Oh but I loved it. Even when we where dating the hubs and I enjoyed our little road trips. It gives us time to talk about what's really important: life, religion, raising kids, where we wanna be, should Paula Abdul go back to American Idol.

Above-Seriously the best picture of me yet!

I love the long conversations we have during these times. They usually start with me asking him "tell me a story" and so he does. He tells me about his days in a Private Catholic All boys school, his days growing up in the city, playing around the buildings, the dating, the girls, what they enjoyed. He also tells me about the life he had with his parents, how his father would take him to the park to play ball every weekend. How his little brother , who is 15 years his junior, was so prone to accidents.

I tell him some of my adventures in dating, and what happened in between our 12 yrs hiatus.

I got a tell you though, even though I love me some New York on any give holiday or weekend, living there would never be an option. All the glamour of being in Central Park, walking on 5th Avenue, shopping on 42nd street, going to Chinatown, all that is the things you do on holiday there. Living there is a much different Story. Believe me, only Carrie can afford her place. And that's cause she got no kids.

First of all, the apartments are expensive and tiny. FIL is lucky to have a rent control apartment so he is able to manage an almost decent 2 bdr. His building is old (I believe from the 20-30's) so they have tons of character like molding in the walls and crown molding, glass knobs and things of the sort. They also have no elevator. Did I mention they live in the 5th floor?

I don't have pictures of the place because SIL came and basically is redoing the entire place and she is not done yet. But is looking nice. Poor guys are trying to get a new washer and dryer and have been informed they need to change to 220 electricity which they would need to pay themselves. Fun times.

Parking is a nightmare, seriously. You might as well wait for the tooth fairy to come offering cash. Hubs usually leaves me and he goes parking. Lucky for us we've been able to snag parking right in front of his building. (yeah, cause the hubs got mad skilzz- I'm trying my nuwyok accent here)

Also, there is no much green around, but I'm sure you guys knew that. Yes, they are parks...around..., but there is no grass for you to go and let the kids play, again, unless you live in front of Central Park, which means you wont be taking the kids, the nanny will. So guess where you are gonna have your family BBQ's?

This trip was basically to spend with family and with his Dad. We hang around the house, we ate -hellllluuuuuuu Spanish food and Chimichurris!- we talk, we laugh, we hang around, we went to bed around 4am (well, they did anyways).

I went out with the girls for a bit in the afternoon and found all the daddyos sitting outside with the kids, like they did in the good old days, drinking and talking. Just hanging all together. But the hubs had a blast, and so did the little guy who got a chance to start walking in a floor with no carpet.

This time, I had such a nice time, I really didn't want to come home. Even if there was no AC in the living room.
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Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I have to agree! Most cities are so much more fun to visit than to live in. Looks like you and your man had a good time :).

Infarrantly Creative said...

yep I agree...give me the burbs anyday. I would love to visit NYC again. I have not been there since i was 12.