Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Morning

I hear the alarm...i hit as hard as I can so it stops ringing. Five minutes pass and then my cell
rings to the tune of John Mayer (shhhh...don't judge).

I half open my eye enough to shut it. I grab my pillow and twist to the left to have hubby hug me. Then 5 minute passes and the alarm rings again. I hit again and this time I sit up in bed...nope, not ready to be up yet. I grab the pillow and go to the end of the bed...5 minutes pass again and this time I cannot reach the alarm with my foot so hubby - who's been smiling while watching me struggle to get up - finally turns it off.

I drag myself out of bed and enter the bathroom...darn is cold. I turn on the light and wince in disapproval. Saturday Mornings are meant to be spent cuddling with the hubs and baby. Not such luck for me. After finally getting clean and half decent, I go to the bedroom and see the little one still in his crib. I lower the railing and almost jump in it (part of the fun of being short) and kiss him on his forehead.

Hubs kiss me and walks me to the door. He tells me to have a great day and that he loves me. I so want to go back in bed but I can't.

Thankfully is almost summer so there is daylight and warm already. 6am in the winter time is no fun. I get to work, all is well. I see this post from "Enjoying the small things". A blog that talks about the birth of her beautiful daughter Nella...and I cry.

And then I read about Henry from "Three Little Kings" and I pray.
No matter what problems we may have, we are so very blessed (and so have they, but they have a strength that I do not possess). To the parents of these kids and the rest of them in the are my heroes.

Over & Out

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