Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hi, My name is Patricia and I'm addicted to Vick's VapoRub

You guess it. I've been sick AGAIN.

This time with a lovely Sinus infection that has been harder to get rid of than a pimp looking for a whore in Atlantic City...yeah, that bad.
And not only that, but the little guy ended up with a virus too, so OH~THE FUN I HAD!

Friday Morning I woke up to what I though was pink eye (on top of everything else I had) but noooooooo, it turns out it was from the sinus infection. Seriously? I know it sounds awful but I didn't know mucus can take over your life.

Back in the motherland it is believed that you can clear illnesses and bad vibrations/luck by diving into the ocean backwards...I'm so ready to do that. And I will, in about a month... when I get to have my vacation time in the Caribbean. I'm going to be here:

Yeah, you hate me right now :)

So many plans for that vacation, including: our oldest graduating high school, the baptism of the little one, going out dancing, seeing friends and family...I can't hardly wait!

Oh and the food, the food...YUMMO.

So you don't hate me that much, I'll leave you with a story of when my addiction started. Mind you, to my "people" Vick's is equal to the Windex joke on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". we use it for everything: fever, headaches, congestion, cough, insect bites, etc. So everyone I know has a jar or two of this marvelous medicinal goop.

By the time I was ten I had a ritual: First get a cup of ice, so I can crushed it while in bed and two: get myself a VICK'S mask...seriously I plastered the thing ALL OVER my face and inside my nostrils. It was so bad that my Sister's husband (then boyfriend) will be sitting with her, watching TV, I will pass by in the hallway behind them and he would yell without even bthering to look away from the TV: "yeah, there goes Patricia" could smell me a mile away. My Mom-ster finally took matters into her own hands and had to hide my precious Vick's from me. *Sniff*

Now, there's always a jar next to my night stand...and one on my desk at work. I LOVE THIS STUFF. So if you ever have a cough, not only put this on you chest and back, put it on your feet and cover it with socks. It will work wonders. (also applying it to your temples when you have a headache...amazing!)

Over & out


In other news, we are back on the health wagon (hubby on board this time) Soda is out for now and I'll be packing more of my lunch and having more salads. Wooo Hooo... Remember: "Trying is having the intention to fail" So we are no longer trying, we are GOING TO LOOSE WEIGHT! And I'm bying a Zumba DVD!

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