Friday, June 18, 2010

A Conversation

It started like this: a Dear friend is having a really bad day. She just found out the "love of her life" (I believe he's not-but she does) has gotten his currently cheating girlfriend pregnant. She is sad and hurt. In the bottom of her heart she hoped they will be together again.

So I asked her what she wanted to do for lunch. We settle with Panda Express AKA greasy-Chinese-that-will-kill-you. So I'm driving and I had something important to tell her but I had another point to make.

Me: do you know any pom starts? You know, do you know them by name?

Friend: yeah, I know some...Jenna Jameson, blah, blah and blahbiddy, why?
Me: oh, this chick who's name is "Katie Morgan" she has her own HBO thing and apparently she is very intelligent. She talks like a stupid blond dizz *cough PARIS HILTON cough*, but in reality she's not. So she got tested and has like a high IQ and Howard Stern did a series of questions on her ans she pass them too. Is funny she doesn't look the part.

Oh, and there is also this girl "Stormy" but she is not nice in the documentary so I don't like her...shit, what was the point of this?

Friend: That some porno starts are really smart?

me: no

friend: that dumb chicks can be porno starts, but they are actually smart?

me: nope

Friend: I think you just wanted to talk about porno with me.

me: yeah, that must be it. I needed something dirty to talk to you.

friend: I knew it! (and she smiles with glee)

Over & out

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Tori said...

Haha I rememeber this fondly and all I have to say to you boo is that your crazy!