Tuesday, June 15, 2010

in Between "vete a la M" and I dont give a rats a$$

****post from Wednesday***
Yeah, thats where I am today and have been since yesterday. And is all because of work.

I always tell people how fortunate we are to have a job and one that we like, even better. Believe me, I've been in possitions that even though the pay was sustantial the amount of agravation and frustration obtain by working with small minded racist people, is really not worth it.

So being that I work in a place where I like 98% of my coworkers is a great thing. Yeahm 98% because I very much dislike two ladies, one is leaving and can I tell you? for the first time in my work history I'm ready to throw a party.

I also enjoy what I do and people like me. My Sister always tell me that I'm so lucky that wherever I go I always seem to find people that really care for me. I think thats a two way street; if you are nice and caring and try to help people out {all the while making a fool of yourself} then they will care for you too. I've been really lucky.

But in the last couple of days I had the urge to write an email sort of like this:

Dear Stupid person with the same stupid question that you KNOW has no importance,What part of I don't care about your stupid question you didn't get?

Not only am I doing YOU a favor AGAIN, but the tone of your email was inapropiate. You are lucky I have manners because I do believe in violence and I would slap the heck out of you.



or maybe this one:

Dear Lazy person,

STOP sending me your work. I help out of the kindness of my being and out
of my work ethic, which by the way you are killing every single day you send one of your stupid request and don't even bother to say thank you afterwards. Oh, and next time I tell you I CANT do something you requested last minute and you just walk away and leave the job on my desk, I will hunt you down. Be afraid, very afraid!


Overworked me

Uff so happy I got that out

Over & out


Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

Isn't it crazy how one or two people can poison a work environment? Ugh. So sorry you have work frustrations! Glad you could vent and glad to hear the bee-atch is leaving.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Thank you for making me laugh out loud...I needed it today!!! And I can totally relate to the faux e-mails you only send in your dreams! You gotta get it out somehow, right?