Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 2 and I've been Naughty

I have a LONG post about this past weekend. I did something "bad" so I have to be careful where I post this from.(i.e- we don't want the people that send me a paycheck to know) so that post will be comming...soon. Tonight. or tomorrow. I have to cath up on "Weeds" since I forgot it was on last night.
The Undomestic Momma posted this fun Top 2 US Cities, here are mine {you probably know this already}:

#1. New Orleans. I can't say enought about this wonderful place. I'll just say to me is Magical.

#2.Chicago. I've been there twice for work and I loved it. I was able to sightsee mostly at night but I loved it. It felt like a cleaner New York. I would not mind visiting again.

I have to say that I always find something that I love from every place I've visited (CA, Las Vegas, CT, FL, etc, etc, so its hard to decide which one was the second. (and lets not forget my East Coast!- NJ-PA-MA-NYC!!!)

in other news...

I have this scented collection that I adore. It was given to me as a gift and I love it, but the cream from the set always seemed to me way too thick, so I don't use it much. Last night after my shower I put the cream on and I'm thinking to myself: "self, this is just WAY too gooey and thick" - I don't wanna know what kind of searches are gonna come from that sentence. Then it dawn on me after looking closely....it says SHOWER CREAM!!! (its the one at the center of the picture)

I've been using the shower soap as a body cream. So I came out of the bathroom all sticky -because Lord knows I'm NOT taking another shower-motherhood will do that to you. My oldest asks what's so funny, so I tell him and he doesnt believe me.

Here I go to the kitchen and put water on my arm, rub it a little bit and a soapy lather appeared!

Yeap my peeps, you can just add water to me and I can take a shower while walking around, I'm like one of those ACME products: just add water!

This stuff only happens to me :)

Over & Out


Tori said...

Haha to bad it wasn't raining today I could of been with u when u were all suddsy lol4r!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Ive got to visit both!