Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rodrigo has been kidnapped!!!

Rodrigo is my car.

What? I know y'all name your vehicles, don't you? My first car was called the "Hot wheels" as in boys toys, because it looked exactly like one. It was so tiny and whomever sat on the back would be guarantee to get sunburned. Here is a pic of the same color, make and model:


Rodrigo is our current SUV.

So yesterday a police car stopped me, which it just kills me since anyone that knows me knows I drive like a grandma. I've been driving for almost 20 yrs and I have no speeding tickets, no accidents, no violations etc. Turns out one of the back braking lights was off; one that I paid about 2 months ago to the dealer to fix btw. A few months back I got stopped and they said that my license was suspended (it is from another state so they said they could not tell me why). I paid $200 for it to be restore and have 2 copies of it { I still don't know why it was suspended since I payed online}. Well I'll be dame that I couldn't find the copy last night so of course they told me the car was going to be tolled. GREAT.

I got lucky and they said to find someone to drive it to the parking lot, since we where at the airport so it didn't have to be tolled. So Rodrigo had to sleep overnight there. All alone and away from me. *sniff*

Today I'm going to have a friend drive it back just in case, and tomorrow after I drop the hubs for his Nuclear EKG I'll be having a blast at Motor vehicles.

I will admit this is my fault since I'm a procrastinator and haven't change anything- license, registration or plates- to our new state. Unfortunately with being on a budget and so many other important things happening this was not on my priority list. Guess is going to have to be.

Oh, and top of having to pay parking and all the other fees, I have to go to court too. And the police officer kept my license :( so no clue how that is going to work. And our microwave died last night. Bwahahahahaha, everything happens at the same time, doesn't it?

Time to go, Aiden decided to wear the quesadilla I made him for lunch as a hat :)

(I so need a manicure so I can relax!)
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Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

Oh, no! What a bummer! Parking fees, going to court -- such a pain! I feel for you.

We are big time procrastinators over here when it comes to car stuff. We own 4 vehicles, and whenever I get a DMV registration due notice in the mail, for some reason it gets pushed to the side and eventually gets lost in the shuffle of clutter around here. Then weekds later, we get another notice that it's LATE, and of course the fees include a penalty now. Ugh! And so then I will pay it, and then the new tags will come in the mail a couple weeks later, and I will leave them for my husband to deal with...and then he'll lose those new tags and they never end up on our cars. And then we end up getting pulled over for expired registration, even though we DID pay it...we just don't have the stickers... and it just goes on and on and on. Times FOUR because we have four cars. (why do we need 4 cars? good question. My husband - don't get me started...) We are so GOOD with almost everything else...but so BAD with the car stuff.

Sorry to hear your car had to spend the night away from home, all alone in some parking place. But, maybe Rodrigo made some new car friends? Hey, you never know!

Jodi said...

My 'van' (which is really a CHEV Traverse) is named Queeni. She is not a van and not an SUV... she is a 'bi-vehicle' a 'tranny'
I LOVE my van and would drive everywhere all day if I could!