Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top 2 Things youve learned about Money

The Undomesticated Momma had her Top Two Tuesday, and even though I'm super late I wanted to included myself in it. Mainly because I've learned that there are far worst things than not having money. We have been thru some difficult situations-including loosing our home and being homeless-but that taught us that our love CAN conquer all.

So here are mine:

1. Money is just that, money.
Money will not make you a nice person, a caring individual, it will not give you love or make you happy. It certainly can help with the loads of worries that come from not having money. But if you don't have the rest money is really nothing more than paper. I have always cared for people and that has paid off times fold. I have so many wonderful things happen to us when we where at our lowest. Our friends are like family and we even had people move us for free when we needed the help-truck, workers and all. I have several friends and family that may be financially stable, yet they are so unhappy, miserable, getting divorce, very low self esteem {why is it than when people have money they always think that people don't really love them?} having really problematic life with themselves and their children. Right now, I still would pick my life. A life in which when we didn't have cable and couldn't watch tv, we made a picnic in the car and listened to the Yankees play baseball while we watched the stars.*smile*
In the end I learned that is really true: All you need is love!

2.Being thrifty is good, really good.
I love my shoes and my makeup and everything girly. I also love to decorate my home and keep it nice. Being that now we only have one income I really have to be good on how we spent our money. Coupons, sales, deals, I LOVE THEM ALL. These days you can find pretty much anything with a coupon these days:; companies like Groupon and Bichbox- the later
will send top brand makeup deluxe samples to my home for $10 a month, so I can try new stuff and not go over budget. I think being thrifty is fantastic and my goal is to find a way to learn even more about the coupon deals (yeah, you can say I watch that TLC show on couponing)

So there you have it. Now off to see what others learned

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