Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A tale of a cupcake, a bra and recalculating

We live on the East coast, and even though I'm mostly familiar with the areas closer to NYC such as NJ, but as we take in all that this area has to offer we seem to be enjoying more and more being here.

Our friend Ada decided to come down from NYC and hang with us for the weekend, which meant going around town and showing her a good time that didn't required hiring a male performer willing to dress as a fireman, not that we where opposed to doing that for our friend, because after all we are nothing if not AMAZING friends; but because it would not be very politically correct to enter that kind of establishment with a toddler and a teenager. Just saying.

Besides showing her the usual: The White House, DC area and the Inner Harbor we {and by we, I mean ME} figures that we could try to go to good old Georgetown and try one of the famous DC Cupcakes from the hit series on TLC. The actual place is Georgetown Cupcakes and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

But first here are some pics of our day around DC...

Above is the back entrance to the White House and below a group of people that decided to tour DC driving SEGWAYS, how cool is that?!

And of course we decided to try to climb the fence. While I'm out it we saw some of the security enter for their shift, I wont discuss here but WAY TO GO WHITE HOUSE, So freaking cool. I though for a moment they where filming "National Treasure".

Walking around the front garden we found a couple taking their wedding pictures, awwww...what we do for love, 'cause let me tell you It.WAS.COLD!

When we finally got to Georgetown, she decided she was going to be a great friend and act like a nutcase and take pictures with immobile objects. Love it.

Ok, so on to the cupcakes, this is what we saw once we approach it:

The line went to the end of the block so we separated; the hubs and the kids hang around the town, bought drinks and walk around a small mall so the baby wouldn't be cold, and Ada and I made the line so we could gossip :)

She was such a trooper, even saying that we had to make a line just 'cause we need to see what the deal was with these cupcakes. Leave it to us to enjoy making a line for an hour and 40 minutes!

Behold the glorious cupcakes:

Above L to R: Red Velvet, chocolate vanilla, Salted caramel, Vanilla & chocolate.

Above: Key lime, coconut, salted caramel, Irish creme
Mil chocolate Bday, chocolate ganache, Mint cookies, Peanut butter
Chocolate3, chocolate bday, chocolate2, vanilla2

Here is Ada with them, we where ready to attack. While getting around town, Geepe {as we call our lovely GPS} decided to go crazy and after every turn she decided to start "RECALCULATING" leaving me at one point having a laughing attack because I knew it was coming and we where going around in circles, took us twice the time to get home but it was so worth it.

After trying the cupcakes they where as amazing as they sound. My favorites are Key lime and Salted caramel. Now mind you, they have specials for each day so I still have more to try. I so totally would do the line again, but you don't have too :) you can order them here and they will ship it to you Georgetown Cupcakes

Since Ada's camera had die I offered to take pics of her around the town, the next day it was the Inner Harbor. I wont include every pic since this is already too many but you get the idea...

Her and I where laughing so hard when we started to talk about breast and I told her that mine where an optical allusion: the belly was pushing them up so they always "looked" like they where so lifted and perky. Aww the joys of girl talk. BTW for those who doubt about men and women being friends, she is an old friends of the hubs from even before we got together and now is a good friend of both of us :) we certainly enjoyed having her visit and we hope to go see her and the rest of the family in NYC soon.

Hope you enjoy my little tour. Wishing you cupcake dreams (let me not remind myself that I probably gained my entire weight back)

Over & out

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Anonymous said...

Did you see any of the women from the show in the store? I love cupcakes and those look TASTY. Jealous!

Looks like you had a great time with your friend!